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Amal Alsahli

Amal Alsahli
PhD Management - Design & Innovation, 2017 - Present

Amal Alsahli is a PhD student in the Department of Design and Innovation at Case Western Reserve University. Her research is focused on how consumer experiences are defined in the context of digital platforms and ecosystems. Currently, she is studying consumer evaluation of brands in sharing economy platforms. Previously, Amal has worked in corporate social responsibility at Saudi Aramco Mobil Refinery. She has also been a faculty member in the Management Science Department at Yanbu University College. Amal holds an MBA, Marketing and Strategy Concentrations, from Drucker School of Management, Claremont Graduate University, and a BS in Management Information Systems from Yanbu University College.

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Digital Platforms, Digital Ecosystems, User Experience

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  • Alsahli, A. (Presenter & Author) Summer AMA Conference, "Toward A Theory of Dispersed Blame Attribution in Multi-Sided Platforms", American Marketing Association, Chicago, IL. (2019).

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  • Academy of Management. 2018 - Present