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Ali Raja

Ali Raja
Doctor of Management, 2018 - Present
Executive Vice Chairman, Department of Emergency Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital

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  • Raja, A. S. (Presenter & Author), Cola, P. A. (Presenter & Author) Translational Science 2022, "Multidisciplinary Translation of Qualitative Research findings to Address Treatment of Patients with Opioid Use Disorder in U.S. Emergency Departments", Association for Clinical and Translational Science, Chicago, Il. (2022).
  • Raja, A. S. (Author Only), Cola, P. A. (Author Only) AOM 20/20: Broadening Our Sight - 80th Annual Meeting, "Factors Affecting Community Emergency Physician Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder With Buprenorphine", Academy of Management, Vancuver, BC, Canada (Virtual). (2020).
  • Cola, P. A. (Moderator), Raja, A. S. (Panelist/Discussant), Quinn, J. F. (Panelist/Discussant) AOM Understanding the Inclusive Organization - 79th Annual Meeting, "Juggling Roles: Academic Physicians as Scientists, Managers ... and also Clinicians", Acadamy of Management, Boston, MA. (2019).