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Xinyu Li

Xinyu Li
PhD Management - Design & Innovation, 2016 - Present
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Appreciating the wonder of digital world, Xinyu is interested in inquiring the form of digital innovations. Taking an organizational genetics approach, he seeks to use data mining and social network techniques to discover the latent patterns of digital innovation activities, to explore the association of the innovation initiators, and to identify the DNA of innovative digital artifacts. In addition, his research involves digital strategy on a corporate level. Xinyu holds a B.S. in Supply Chain and Information Systems and a B.S. in Economics from Pennsylvania State University. Before joining the program, he was trained as a doctoral student in Temple University for one year.

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Selected Publications

  • Li, X., Yoo, Y., Zhang, Z. (2016).
    Searching for “Stability” in Fluidity: A Routine-based View of Open Source Software Development Process the 37th International Conference of Information Systems.