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Sophie Jané

Sophie Jané
PhD Organizational Behavior, 2015 - Present

Sophie Jané is a Doctoral Candidate in the Department of Organizational Behavior in the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. Her research interests focus risk perception and decision-making, diversity and inclusion, and the legitimacy of knowledge. Sophie’s research has been published in Academy of Management Learning and Education, Organizational Dynamics and The Psychologist-Manager Journal. Her recent awards include a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship and the 2019 Academy of Management Learning and Education Best Paper Award.

Curriculum Vita

BA, California State University Long Beach, 2015

Interests and Courses


Broadly, I'm interested in the following: Risk Perception and Sense-Making, Gender, Diversity & Inclusion, The Legitimacy of Knowledge and Knowledge Creators, Organizational Decision-Making, Feminist Theory, and Research Methods. My current research projects fall into two buckets; the conceptual and empirical exploration of risk perceptions in organizational contexts, and the experience of and tensions surrounding interpersonal inclusion and exclusion in cooperative groups. I adopt a critical perspective towards both research streams, and employ both qualitative and quantitative methods to my work. My dissertation, '“Creeps”, “Karens” and “Covidiots”: Exploring the Role of Social Risk Perceptions on Judgement and Decision-Making in Western Organizations' is a three-paper exploration into the role of social risk perceptions on decision-making in organizations.


Risk in Organizatons; Gender, Diversity and Inclusion; Research Methods; Critical Management Scholarship; Decision-Making

Recent Courses and Syllabi

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Selected Publications

  • Warren, C., Jané, S. E., Carlton, S., Kim, E., Fiebert, M. S. (2019).
    Validating the Systematic Observation of Counterproductive Work Behaviors on Social Networking The Psychologist-Manager Journal.
  • McLaughlin, H., Sylvester, J., Bilimoria, D., Jané, S. E., Sealy, R., Peters, K., Möltner, H., Huse, M., Göke, J. (2018).
    Women in Power: Contributing Factors that Impact on Women in Organizations and Politics: Psychological Research and Best Practice. Organizational Dynamics.
  • Jané, S. E., Van Esch, C., Bilimoria, D. (2018).
    “Why’d You Wanna Study That?” A Process Model of the Under-Legitimation of a Research Topic (vol. 17, issue 4, pp. 401-424). Academy of Management Learning & Education.
  • Jané, S. E.
    Seeing Risk: Towards a Process Model of Learning to Perceive Risky Employees
  • Sugiyama, K., Jané, S. E., Bilimoria, D.
    Doing More Harm than Good: Communicating the Gender Confidence Gap.


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  • Weatherhead School of Management Donald M. Wolfe Scholarship, (2020).
  • Academy of Management Learning and Education Best Paper Award, (2019).
  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, (2017).
  • Western Academy of Management Doctoral Consortium, (2017).
  • Southern Management Association Early Doctoral Consortium, (2016).