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S. Mercedes McBride-Walker

S. Mercedes McBride-Walker
PhD Organizational Behavior, 2015 - Present

Mercedes McBride-Walker received her Master of Science in Organization Development from Pepperdine University and is now a Doctoral Candidate in the Department of Organizational Behavior in the Weatherhead School of Management of Case Western Reserve University. Mercedes has worked for and consulted with Fortune 500 companies and coached for leadership development for many years before transitioning to academia.

Curriculum Vita

MS, Pepperdine University, 2013
BA, University of Washington, 1992

Interests and Courses


I am interested in research for impact that aims to liberate employees to do their best work. Specifically, my research employs a critical lens to explore organizational narratives in complex systems and the degree to which the narrative form of organizing constrains or liberates work behaviors. How do certain narratives rise to dominance amongst competing narratives, who and what legitimizes their dominance, and how are they effectively socialized through an organization? For example, organizational aesthetics is a form of tacit knowledge sharing. What aesthetic experiences compel organizational members to comply with or resist the underlying narrative? My primary method of research is qualitative, using methodologies such as field research and ethnography to best capture the enactment of narratives, yet I also utilize mixed-methods as well.


Managing People & Organizations, Organizational Theory, Behavior in Organizations, Performance & Rewards

Recent Courses and Syllabi

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Selected Publications


  • Stephens, J. P. (Author Only), McBride, S. X. (Presenter & Author) Academy of Management Meeting, "Leading MTSs: Unpacking the challenges of balancing external and internal system demands", Academy of Management, Boston, MA. (2019).
  • McBride-Walker, S. SMA 2018, "A Crack in the Armor: Understanding the Narratives of Fear and Uncertainty at Work", Southern Management Association of the Academy of Management, Lexington, KY. (2018).
  • McBride-Walker, S., Stephens, J. P. Relational Coordination Research Collaborative Roundtable, "Getting On the Same Temporal Page: Constructing Timely Communication in Role-Based Relationships For Project Commitment and Success ", Relational Coordination Research Collaborative, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. (2018).
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  • McBride-Walker, S. (Presenter & Author) Academy of Management, "Fear of Incompetence: A New Motive for Being a Good Citizen? Impression Management as a Theoretical Framework for Understanding Fear as a Motivation for Non-Task Performance", Academy of Management, Organizational Behavior Division, (2017).
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Academic and Professional Activities

  • Organizational Behavior Teaching Society. 2017 - Present
  • Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. 2016 - Present
  • Academy of Management. 2014 - Present
  • WorldatWork. 2003 - Present
  • Reviewer, Conference Paper, Academy of Management, 2018
  • Committee Member, Admissions Committee, 2016


  • Best Doctoral Student Paper - OB Track - for SMA 2018, Southern Management Association of the Academy of Management. (2018).
  • Best Overall Doctoral Student Paper for SMA 2018, Southern Management Association of the Academy of Management. (2018).