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Mike Bellissimo

Mike Bellissimo
PhD Management - Designing Sustainable Systems, 2021 - Present
Doctor of Management, 2019 - 2021

Bachelor of Arts, University of Pennsylvania, 1981<br>Master in Business Administration, Northeastern University, 1985<br>Master of Arts in Education, University of San Francisco, 2000

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MA, University of San Francisco, 2000
MBA, Northeastern University, 1985
BA, University of Pennsylvania, 1981

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My most recent qualitative research at CWRU is titled- <i>Hospital Leadership in Times of Crisis: How Leader Humility During the Global Pandemic Enabled Their Organizations to be More Resilient and Responsive to the Changing Needs for Care</i>. My follow-on quantitative research at CWRU is titled- <i>HOW HOSPITAL LEADERSHIP DURING THE GLOBAL COVID-19 PANDEMIC ENABLED RESILIENT RESPONSE TO THE CHANGING NEED FOR CARE. </i>In both studies I examine the linkages between leader behavior, team performance, organizational resiliency and system sustainability during a crisis. I plan to continue this research in a more extensive PhD case study of the VA Hospital System that is tentatively titled- <i>The Virtuous VA – Transcending Duty in a Crisis.</i><br>I have been invited to speak about my research at the World Hospital Council in Barcelona in November 2021 and at the NVivio Virtual Conference in September 2021 on the topic: <i>Transcending Boundaries in Qualitative Research. </i>


For the past few years I have balanced my time between investing in and assisting healthcare start-ups across the country working on new and novel solutions to clinical and administrative challenges, in pursuit of a PhD focused on how to redesign healthcare to be a sustainable system and as a Fowler Center Fellow at Case Western- (https://weatherhead.case.edu/centers/fowler/about/team#mike-bellissimo). I also serve on the boards of healthcare philanthropies including Atlas of Care, a San Francisco-based caregiver support philanthropy and on the Dukes County Health Council.

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  • DM Student Leadership Award, Weatherhead School at Case Western. (2022).