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Kiko Thiel

Kiko Thiel
PhD Organizational Behavior, 2013 - Present

BA, Yale University, 1984

Interests and Courses


Kiko is interested in what motivates and enables people to do extraordinary things, often under great duress and considerable personal cost. She is particularly interested when people create a paradigm shift – changing the way we view the world, changing our view of what is possible; or when people are pathfinders, creating a new business model or market. She aims to understand the mechanics, psychological and psycho-social, of what prompts people to set off into uncharted territory, rewriting the rules to create a new, revolutionary way of doing things. Kiko previously consulted in strategic organizational alignment, change leadership, and innovation at McKinsey, Accenture and for the Insead Blue Ocean Strategy Network. She has an MBA from Insead and a BA in History from Yale.

Recent Courses and Syllabi

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  • Thiel, S. A. (Presenter & Author) AOM, "Chasing the Unicorn? Evaluating Methodologies for Researching the Positive and Extraordinary", AOM, Anaheim. (2016).
  • Thiel, S. A. (Presenter & Author) AOM, "To be 'Extraordinary:' Exploring Exceptionally Positive Deviance in People and Organization", AOM, Vancouver. (2015).
  • Thiel, S. A. (Presenter & Author) IPPA, "To be 'Extraordinary:' Exploring Exceptionally Positive Deviance in People and Organization", IPPA, Orlando. (2015).

Academic and Professional Activities

  • Member, Academy of Management. 2013 - Present