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Keimei Sugiyama

Keimei Sugiyama
PhD Organizational Behavior, 2012 - Present

Keimei Sugiyama is a Ph.D. candidate at the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. Her research serves an overall aim to understand how organizations can best support people to be their true selves at work to enhance organizational life. This aim is explored through three streams of research in diversity & inclusion, identity, and careers. To date, this research agenda has produced publications in the Academy of Management Review, Journal of Management Education, and Community, Work, and Family. Her dissertation proposal has won two awards, and she is part of an NSF-AGEP grant to advance underrepresented minorities in STEM.

She is also an experienced consultant, having worked as a human resources representative and human capital consultant at companies such as Accenture and Coray Gurnitz Consulting for human capital strategy, communications, training, stakeholder management, and organizational change.

Curriculum Vita

MS, George Mason University, 2008
BA, Smith College, 2001

Interests and Courses

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Selected Publications

  • Thomas*, N., Sugiyama*, K., Rochford*, K., Stephens*, J., Kanov, J. (2018). In Jody Hoffer Gittell (Ed.),
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  • Philipsen, M., Case, S. S., Oetama-Paul, A. J., Sugiyama, K. (2017).
    Academic womanhood across career stages: A work-in-life perspective on what was, is, and could be (vol. 20, issue 5, pp. 623-644). Community, Work & Family.
  • Sugiyama, K., Cavanagh, K. V., Van Esch, C., Bilimoria, D., Brown, C. (2016).
    Inclusive Leadership Development: Drawing From Pedagogies of Women’s and General Leadership Development Programs (vol. 40, issue 3, pp. 253-292). Journal of Management Education.
  • Laszlo, C., Gullett, K., Dicht, C., Schulstad, M., Sugiyama, K. (2016).
    Food Donation Connection: Profitably Scaling Food Waste Reduction Ontario: Ivey Publishing.
  • Thatchenkery, T., Sugiyama, K. (2011).
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  • Sugiyama, K., Jané, S. E., Bilimoria, D.
    Doing More Harm than Good: Communicating the Gender Confidence Gap.


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Academic and Professional Activities

  • Work Family Researchers Network. 2015 - Present
  • Academy of Management GDO and MOC Divisions. 2012 - Present


  • Academy of Management Careers Division Arnon Reichers Best Student Paper Award, Academy of Management Careers Division. (2018).
  • Weatherhead School of Management Outstanding Research Proposal Award, Weatherhead School of management. (2017).