The Weatherhead Collection


The Weatherhead Collection is published by the Marketing and Communications Department for the alumni, students, friends, donors, faculty and staff of the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. Book 8, titled Mesh, highlights some of the collaborations that members of our community have engaged in to change business and society for the better.

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Book 7, titled Reach, travels across continents to find that globalization is nothing new. What is new is what can come of it. We buy and sell to one another the way we have done forever. But what is even better, is the trade in knowledge and perspective we conduct, not just through commerce but through diplomacy and friendships. Our duty is to make permeable the borders within our minds so that as we try to change our world, it may change us. Read more of Reach!

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Perhaps one of the most important things that a school may do for its students is to provide a safe space for debate where no holds need be barred, where ideas and information may be presented and examined in the spirit of intellectual inquiry, where critiques may be offered unburdened by politics or prejudice. Students may play with revelations without playing with fire in this training ground for the pursuit of knowledge. Book 6, titled Reveal, offers stories of students and faculty on the path of discovery, shedding light on questions old and new.

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Much as an architect designs dreams to be built in brick and mortar, a manager is a designer whose building materials are human and social. Like an architect, a manager must keep the whole in mind even as they consider each part of a plan—each room in the house. Book 5, titled Craft, asks us to think globally, to consider the architect's view of things, and to craft the present toward our dream of a shared future.

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Book 4, titled Balance, focuses on the yin and the yang: neither can exist without each other. To live well is to find equilibrium between countervailing forces. Within these pages, you'll find a balanced diet of research and practice, student and faculty projects, news from the classrooms and libraries of academia and from the front lines where good ideas can falter...or become great ones.

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Book 3, titled Collage, tells the story of Weatherhead faculty, students, and friends coming together from various backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to research and pioneer practical applications of our initiatives in sustainable value and design principles in management. As in a collage, these themes, along with a composition of elements from varied disciplines, combine to uniquely inspire our students—the leaders of tomorrow.

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Book 2, titled Bold, explores how our faculty, students and friends are conducting essential research and pioneering practical applications based on our school initiatives of sustainable value and design practices in management. The results are bold programs and innovations that can serve as models for business and society as they navigate the pressures of today's ever-changing global climate.

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The Weatherhead Collection Book 1, titled Perspective, depicts our unique approach to management education. The layout of the publication contains precious white space, large images, and vibrant splashes of color, all paying homage to our location in University Circle, Cleveland's arts and cultural district.

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