Marcy Rosenthal, MSM-Healthcare '17 | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

Marcy Rosenthal, MSM-Healthcare '17

Do you use your education at Weatherhead in your career?

My education and almost all of my classes have been extremely useful to me for the work that I do.

What are some specific tools you acquired?

In the lean class with George Vairaktarakis, we learned about process mapping, which I’m using with the physician practices that I consult with. As part of my on-boarding with Anthem, I had to earn my yellow belt in Six Sigma, and we touched upon some components of that in Georges’ class. I’m also using what I learned in my healthcare finance class with JB Silvers, which did a deep dive into Medicare and the behind-the-scenes of how it evolved, the history of Medicare and how they set their hospital vs member financials.

In Marks Votruba’s Healthcare Economics class we spent a lot of time understanding and learning what goes on behind-the-scenes of setting premiums, deductibles, co-pays and the impact of the pharmaceutical company on generic versus brand pharmaceuticals. Those classes help make what I do that much more impactful. It’s more than just understanding my job, it’s the bigger picture.

My heath decision making and analytics class with Alan Dowling was very helpful. I use data daily working with my practice group, to drive improvements in their healthcare outcome.

I also use my Managing People and Organizations class with Diane Bergeron. I work with physician group practices with all kinds of staff and all kinds of physicians, who all have different personalities, different strengths, weaknesses and struggles. That class really reminds me, when I’m meeting with them, to be a better listener. And to really realize how to best collaborate with them.

How has an MSM-Healthcare degree influenced your career?

The jobs I was looking for all said “master’s preferred.” I knew I needed to get a master’s if I was going to take my career to the next level and I wanted to stay in healthcare. So when I found out about this program it was perfect. It helped me get to where I am in my career because I could relate what I learned to my industry.

How did you balance work and school?

This program allowed me to work full time and it gave me the best of both words; I was able to maintain my full time job and go to class without missing work, it was only one evening a week and being able to finish in two years was an acceptable amount of time.

Any highlights from your program?

The speakers they had in the healthcare field were especially interesting because they held various positions within healthcare. It brought us a diversity in the areas of healthcare. I found that interesting.