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Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 Coronavirus FAQs


Program start dates and orientation dates

The Weatherhead School of Management will begin fall classes on Monday, August 24 (except MPOD and EMBA). Orientation dates which are mandatory are as follows:

  • List of Program Start Dates

    Program Orientation start date
    MAcc August 20, 2020
    MSM Business Analytics August 20, 2020
    MSM Finance August 20, 2020
    MSM ORSC August 17, 2020
    MSM Healthcare August 15, 2020
    CC EMBA & EMBA August 25, 2020
    Full-time MBA August 17, 2020
    Part-time MBA May 30th (Summer term) classes start June 9th
    August 22 (Fall 2020)

    Please note: some of the dates are subject to slight changes. We will update as needed so please check back.

    There is still time to apply and we have added Spring start terms for some programs.

    The admissions team is continuing business as usual. We are reviewing all submitted applications, extending invitations to interview and releasing decisions as scheduled so you can be prepared and plan accordingly.

    Programs with spring start terms include:

    • MSM Business Analytics
    • Master of Accountancy
    • MSM-Finance
    • MSM-ORSC

The questions below pertain only to the Full-time MBA, Master of Accountancy, MSM in Business Analytics, Finance, and Operations Research and Supply Chain Management programs.

  • What if I don't arrive in time for orientation?

    If you are simply unable to arrive in person to start your mandatory orientation, you may arrive in person no later than September 4, 2020. Please keep us informed of your status by emailing us at so we can plan for your arrival.

  • What if I just can't be in Cleveland?

    Weatherhead School of Management is fully prepared to provide a high-quality experience whether you attend classes in person or attend in full virtual mode this fall.

    In the event the pandemic situation prevents you from being able to arrive in person by September 4, 2020, here are your options:

    1. Start the program remotely in August for the fall term and start in person in January (Spring 2021). This allows more time for international students to obtain a visa and still graduate on time.
    2. Start the program in person in January (Spring 2021) if you are enrolling in our Master of Accountancy, Business Analytics, Operations Research & Supply Chain and Finance programs. You must qualify for and request an official deferral (details below).

    If you are unable to join the fall 2020 semester in person and therefore enroll and take courses remotely, you will receive a 25% Weatherhead Dean's Technology Scholarship for credits taken remotely during the 2020 semester.


  • Can I obtain a deferral?

    Yes, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will grant deferrals for the following programs offering a Spring 2021 start date:

    • MSM Business Analytics
    • MSM Finance
    • MSM ORSC
    • MAcc

    See "How do I request an official deferral?" below.

  • Before requesting an official deferral

    Keep in mind that we are fully prepared to provide a high-quality experience whether your situation allows you to join in person or in full virtual mode this fall.

    • Domestic students: You may start the program in person if campus is open or start classes remotely and then join in person as soon as you are able.
    • International students: If it becomes necessary for you to start the program in virtual mode for the fall semester, you will be able to seamlessly transition to the program in-person starting spring 2021. This also allows you more time to obtain your visa.
  • How do I request an official deferral?

    To request an official deferral, follow the steps below:

    1. Accept your offer – we are not able to consider deferrals unless you accept the offer.
    2. Pay your tuition deposit by your enrollment deadline date. This will hold your seat in the program for the next available entry term and maintain any scholarship if awarded.
    3. Email your request to and we will update your application to reflect the change. Deferrals are only good for one year.
  • If you decline our offer of admission or let the offer expire without contacting us to extend your deposit deadline...

    You will need to submit a new application for consideration for any future term and go through the review process again. Keep in mind that many schools anticipate a surge in applications for the 2021 terms so there may be a larger pool of competitive applicants.

Test Scores

Transcripts, GPA Certificates and Transcript Evaluations

The I-20 Process

  • Should I move forward with the I-20 process?

    Within five to seven days after you accept our offer and pay your tuition deposit, you will receive an email with detailed instructions for applying for your I-20.

    We strongly encourage you to move forward with the I-20 process as soon as you receive the email so that you can be prepared to obtain your VISA when embassies reopen. If you submit your application and have difficulty obtaining your financial documents due to bank closings, please email to let them know of any delays. It is still important to submit your application since ISS processes I20 applications in the order in which they receive them.

  • What if I can't secure my visa in time?

    Within five to seven days after you accept our offer and pay your tuition deposit, you will receive an email with detailed instructions for applying for your I-20.

    In the event that you are unable to secure your visa in time to arrive in person in the fall, we can update your I-20 for the spring 2021 term so you do not have to go through the process of gathering bank statements again. You are not required to have a visa if taking classes remotely for Fall 2020.

Online informational sessions, virtual office hours and other resources.

Online informational sessions can be found on the event calendar. We are also hosting daily virtual office hours for specific programs if you have questions for your recruiter about changes in application deadlines, deposit deadlines, visas, delayed graduation dates or any other general questions not necessarily related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

See the dates for virtual office hours for your specific program below: