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Scott ShaneScott Shane, PhD, A. Malachi Mixon III Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies and professor of economics, is the first Research Fellow in the new Burton D. Morgan Fellowship Program. The Burton D. Morgan Foundation recently added a new research institute, the Entrepreneurship Education Experiment, and the fellowship program underneath the umbrella of the Institute.

As the first Research Fellow, Shane will explore elements of experimental entrepreneurship education, focusing on pitch competitions.

"I am very excited to once again be working with the Burton D. Morgan Foundation," Shane said. "The Foundation's willingness to support serious scholarly research on entrepreneurship education shows its commitment to identifying the best ways to train would-be entrepreneurs in Northeast Ohio and around the world." (Original story: Hudson Hub-Times)

Shane will participate on a panel, Millennials and Entrepreneurship: A Conversation about Engaging the Next Generation, at The City Club of Cleveland on Friday, May 8 along with Lena Kelly, Andrew Yang, and Deborah D. Hoover, the President and CEO of The Burton D. Morgan Foundation.


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