Staff spotlight: Regina Olbinsky, director, Career Development Center

Staff spotlight: Regina Olbinsky, director, Career Development Center

Posted 2.19.07

Weatherheadlines recently sat down with Regina Olbinsky, director of the Career Development Center (CDC), to learn about the new, innovative CDC, her passion for her work, and her love of family.

Q: Please tell us a bit about your role in the Weatherhead School’s CDC.
I started consulting at Weatherhead last year as a part-time career consultant and in March 2006 I was asked to expand my services and take over the department. In this capacity, I have helped drive a number of the changes you see today. Overall, I manage the career development process and ensure meaningful connections between students and employers.

Q: I understand the CDC has undergone a number of changes lately. Would you please tell us a bit about that?
Throughout the last year, the CDC has completely reorganized and we have added a number of new staff members. We also redesigned the center and services, as well as redeveloped how the various career services are provided. As a result of these positive changes, the office has been rebranded as the Career Development Center (CDC).

Q: How have these changes affected the mission and strategy of the CDC?
As a result of the rebranding and the other changes, the CDC has a strong customer-orientation, not only towards our internal customers (the students) but also towards our external customers (the companies who are interested in recruiting our students). For example, the name change to CDC better reflects how our new mission of helping people develop their careers, which is a lifelong process.

Also, I can't say enough about the team of dedicated professionals who work in the CDC. Everyone here has a strong background in career development; they understand both the employers as well as how to work with students and alumni to best showcase their respective skills. I'm proud to say my staff has an immense passion for what they do and how they do it.

Q: Prior to your position, did you have any other ties to the Weatherhead School?
Yes; for the past three years I have conducted a number of career development seminars for the school. Most of the seminars I taught focused on career development for M.B.A. students. Also, I received my M.B.A. from Weatherhead in 1998.

Q: From where do you originally hail?
I was born in Kiev, Ukraine and emigrated to Cleveland when I was nine. I grew up in Cleveland and I graduated from Brush High School.

Q: In your opinion, what do you believe is the best aspect of working at the Weatherhead School?
The two best things are my team and the students. I believe we've put together a truly amazing team here in the CDC. The collegiality and chemistry among the team has made for a truly amazing experience. As for the students, I truly enjoy when they have that "a-ha moment" and I can see the difference that occurs because of something we in the CDC have done. It can be as simple as helping a student create a resume which showcases their individual skills or providing feedback from a mock interview.

Q: Do you have any advice for current students and alumni with regards to career search, placement, networking, etc?
I like to highlight that what the CDC does is a providing a new, innovative approach to career development. We're now offering a variety of extremely pertinent, practical offerings, such as Career Friday seminars, alumni lunches, and a variety of new technology-based tools to help students define and develop their careers. We offer so many resources and I encourage students to take full advantage of them.

My advice for alumni is to truly understand the power of networking. Networking is really knowledge building and relationship building. People should approach all situations through the lens of learning and giving. If people view networking as a lifelong process, they will always be active and informed about opportunities to showcase their skills; they will never be in a job search role.

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?
I have a seven year old daughter, so all my spare time is spent with her!

Q: Do you have any favorite local restaurants you'd like to share with us?
The first recommendation is the Blue Canyon in Twinsburg; I recommend the filet with green beans and mashed potatoes. I also enjoy going to Battutos, where I recommend any dishes which include their homemade pasta and marinara sauce. Lastly, Salmon Dave's in Rocky River is another of my favorite places; naturally, I recommend their salmon.

Q: What is one surprising fact about yourself that you would like to share with the Weatherhead community?
While I have been heavily involved with reorganizing and redesigning the CDC, I have continued to grow my career management firm, The Career Group. I started my own company over three years ago and I have worked hard to develop it into a prosperous business.

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