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Career tips: the research edge

Posted 1.12.2007

In this job market you need to make sure you have every advantage. Thorough research is one of the key ingredients to an effective job search.

Know your industry and your profession. Become a member of your professional or industry association, subscribe to mailing lists and publications, regularly check industry news and attend conferences and workshops. The more you know, the more attractive you will be to an employer.

Learn about your target organizations. Do detailed regular research on each company or organization on your target list (first, you should have a target list). Who are their executives? What has their stock been doing? Who are their competitors? What are their product lines and how do they market? You might learn that they are developing a new business and get in on the ground floor. You may learn of recent openings in the company. And, on an interview, you’ll impress the hiring manager with your knowledge.

Understand professional requirements. Know the certifications and education needed to stay competitive in your market, and then get the training you need. Find out about typical salary ranges for your geographic area to help you negotiate your salary package.
You can also find additional information on CareerTools.

For more information on researching companies visit the CDC Web site.

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