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A Thousand Prospective Students

Posted 12.19.2006

Maintaining a high quality student body is paramount for Weatherhead and it is a consistent theme for Student Services.  In order to connect with the greatest number of qualified prospective students, we carefully review the latest trends and recommendations. Then we hit the streets to meet and greet in person, particularly from October through December, which is typically when prospective students enter decision mode regarding graduate school. 

During this recent key timeframe, Student Services hosted or participated in 52 recruiting events, each of which was attended by anywhere from 5 to 2,000 or more individuals – and our team connected with over 1,00 prospective students. 

As we wrap up December and set our sights on the New Year, our emphasis will shift to helping these prospective students see the wisdom of enrolling at Weatherhead.  To date, fruits of the team’s efforts are tremendous. For instance, our evening M.B.A. applications and average GMAT scores for spring semester are up 44% and 14% respectively compared to this time last year.

GMAT scores are one indicator of how much a student may contribute to the Weatherhead experience. Other important factors are breadth of work experience and the ability to contribute to a multifaceted work group.

We have connected with these individuals by hosting events near and far, from the Heights Regional Chamber of Commerce to Mumbai, India as part of the World MBA Tour.  When asked if I'm looking to connect primarily with domestic or international students, I typically answer "yes" – because in an increasingly global economy the lines are blurred. For example, I had the pleasure of meeting a Weatherhead alumnus in India recently that travels to Cleveland once a month for business. He is representative of a growing class of global professionals who elude familiar categories of nationality, ethnicity, and professional career development.

Meeting such wonderful alumni underscores the importance of making early meaningful connections with prospective students, who will become our future alumni.  Student Services gleefully accepts this challenge and we look forward to working with the entire Weatherhead community in this important task.

Tim Slager
Senior Professional Program Director

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