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Need Help With Your Interviews???

Posted 10.19.2006

Watch this cool video; You DO NOT want this to happen to you!!!

Just for Halloween: Interview with a Vampire, a Ghost, a Psycho, and the Devil! Watch the video!

Career Development Center at Case Weatherhead School of Management, is happy to announce an exciting new online mock interviewing tool now offered for Weatherhead School of Management students and alumni to improve interviewing skills!

What is this new tool all about?? offers online video practice interviews in any functional or industry specialty. You can select the type of questions that you would like to be asked, proceed with the interview, and have an opportunity to review it personally or email it to your Career Development Manager for consultation, and save it for up to 60 days. There is an unlimited number of times that you can conduct this mock interview, but we encourage you to do it at least twice, especially in preparation for a live mock interview or job interview. This site can be accessed from your personal computer 24/7, as long as you have a PC, webcam, microphone and an Internet connection. You may also schedule a time to do this at the Career Development Center, where we have a dedicated office and computer set up for this. To do so, simply log in to Interview Stream, select your questions and reserve a time slot on the calendar.

This new tool will help you better prepare for your interviews and start your careers in a highly efficient and effective manner!

Please join/log in here.  This link can be also be accessed from the Career Development Website.

For questions contact us at 216.368.3662.

Best regards and happy interviewing,

Career Development Center


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