Student Spotlight: Ante Glavas, PhD Candidate in Organizational Behavior

Student Spotlight: Ante Glavas, PhD Candidate in Organizational Behavior

Posted 10.18.06

Weatherheadlines sat down with Ante Glavas, a PhD student in Organizational Behavior and Program Manager for the Global Forum to talk about how the Global Forum ties into his doctoral research, being a globetrotter, and giving it his all.

Q: In which program are you enrolled?
I am in the PhD program in Organizational Behavior.

Q: From where do you originally hail? What brought you to Weatherhead?
I consider myself from both Croatia and the United States. I grew up in Chicago, then moved to Croatia when I was 18. I lived in Croatia for the most part throughout the last 15 years. I also lived a bit around Europe, including Belgium, UK, and Italy.

Q: What about your time prior to Weatherhead?
I’ve done a bit of everything. But the bottom line has always connected to some sort of societal benefit type of work. And I’ve had a lot of fun. I’ve traveled to about 60 countries and have been always a sort of nomad. However, I’m starting to feel I’d like to find one place to live and settle down there, although I think that will probably be in Europe. I like the lifestyle there much better.

Q: I understand you are the project manager for the upcoming Global Forum. What responsibilities do you have?
I’m mostly pretending to be important but in reality doing the behind-the-scenes dirty work.

Q: How does your work on the Global Forum tie into your research at Weatherhead and your personal goals?
It’s a perfect fit. My research area is the exact topic of the Forum which is just an amazing blessing. I find this topic so exciting because it bridges two of my worlds. I personally like seeing business run well (part of my background was in business) and another part of me likes working with the development of people and communities (including the environment). Now it seems that the next level of management is combining the two: doing well by doing good.

This is something I am passionate about and know from experience that it is important. I used to work in the business sector (for a Fortune 500 company in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry) and the main goals were always to increase revenue (mostly through sales) and cut costs. However, I was personally passionate about doing work for the community but never found time to help out. That is because I had a demanding job and helping the community was something that was to be done in addition to my job. I could only imagine how it was for other managers who cared less about the environment or community… so this makes this topic even more exciting.

It’s really about how do you build in helping others as part of your job? How do sales increase, costs get cut by actually doing good? And by working on the Forum, I have come across countless models that could be scaled up so as to truly transform the field of management. This isn’t about philanthropy; it’s about doing smart business.

Q: In your opinion, what are the benefits to Case and/or Cleveland by holding the Forum here?
In my understanding, Weatherhead was one of the most progressive business schools in the US in the 1980s and 90s. I feel this topic is the next era in management and Weatherhead is leading this movement which automatically puts it at the cutting edge. Also, all the leading academics and institutions will be at the Forum, thus giving great credibility to Weatherhead. As for Cleveland, we’ll see at the Forum. Most of the most influential people in the region will meet at the Forum so we have to wait and see what comes of it.

Q: What has been the best part of working on the Forum?
The best part has been being able to contribute to a topic I am passionate about.

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?
I really enjoy watching and playing sports.

Q: What is the last good book you have read or are currently reading?
I haven’t had much time lately (except for doing literature reviews but that’s a different type of reading). The last time I had time to read was over the summer during a week off and I read basically every book that Dan Brown wrote.

Q: Do you have a tagline or motto by which you live your life?
Just to give it my all… and then trust/hope everything will turn out OK. One thing I know is that I will never look back and wish I had tried harder. So as long as my intentions are good and I know I couldn’t have done more, then I really try not to fret about what will happen. There’s only so much we can personally control. Though sometimes this is easier said than done.



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