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Women in Healthcare: Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Posted 10.19.2006

November 3, 2006
8:15 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.

To effectively address the various opportunities, pressures, and stresses that can so easily emerge and overtake people in health care organizations, leaders must learn to recognize, motivate, and effectively manage their own and others’ emotions.  In today’s complex health care organizations, leaders are charged with igniting the positive emotions of their people and countering unproductive spirals.  In this program, participants learn the concept of emotional intelligence (EI), its component competencies, and how to use EI to stimulate outstanding performance in health care settings.  The class also offers techniques for leaders serving as coaches to help others develop EI competencies. 

The goal of the program is to equip women in health care fields with a deeper understanding of how leadership is embedded in relationships and how positive emotions spark and fuel the most productive relationships. 


  • What is EI?

  • How does EI relate to outstanding leadership and managerial effectiveness?

  • What are the specific EI competencies?

  • How outstanding healthcare leaders employ EI

  • A framework for developing EI competencies

Learning Outcomes
As a result of attending this program, participants will:

  • Understand how outstanding health care leaders harness the power of positive emotions to reenergize themselves and their people

  • Learn the EI Model and its competencies

  • Apply EI concepts to themselves and their workplaces

  • Identify strategies for enhancing their leadership and emotional intelligence

  • Learn how to lead others more positively towards outstanding performance

Who Should Attend

Level of Prior Knowlege in This Subject Area:  None

Staff:  Diana Bilimoria, PhD, Case Weatherhead School of Management

Individual Participants:  $475 by credit card; $495 by check
Affiliate/Health Affiliate Organizations:  One class day per participant

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