Student Spotlight: Ya-Hui Fan, 1st Year MBA and Cleveland Clinic Management Scholar

Student Spotlight: Ya-Hui Fan, 1st Year MBA and Cleveland Clinic Management Scholar

Posted 9.20.06

Weatherheadlines recently sat down with Ya-Hui Fan, a first year MBA student who is part of the new Cleveland Clinic Management Scholars program, to talk about her experiences thus far.

Q: In which program are you enrolled?
I am in the full-time MBA program but I am also a Cleveland Clinic Management Scholar.

Q: Is that considered a joint degree program?
No, it’s not a joint degree or certificate program. Weatherhead and the Cleveland Clinic just launched the program this year and I am still learning all the details. I am in the full-time MBA program with the concentration in health systems management. As part of the scholars program I will do my summer internship and complete my Action Learning at the Cleveland Clinic working on real-life projects.

Q: What do you hope to personally gain through the Cleveland Clinic Health Management Scholars Program?
Although I previously worked in healthcare, I didn’t have much experience in management. I want to learn to understand and manage all the different parts of healthcare, such as the financial and strategic development aspects.

Q: Do you have any thoughts about what type of career you would like to pursue upon completion of your MBA?
I hope to work as an administrative manager in a hospital setting or to be a healthcare consultant when I finish my degree.

Q: Where are you from? What brought you to Weatherhead?
I am from Taiwan and I was a nurse anesthetist in Taiwan for five years. In 2003, I considered obtaining a graduate degree to further my career. I applied and attended the SUNY at Buffalo, where I received my Masters in Economics in spring 2006. Because of my nursing background, I had heard of Case Western Reserve University since they have a very good nursing program. As I was searching for MBA programs, I wanted to find one that had a very good health management program, which I felt Weatherhead did.

Q: It is the fourth week of classes. How do you like Weatherhead so far?
I have met a lot of people, which is nice. That is a big difference between the MBA program and my previous graduate work. I think one of the biggest differences is the networking. Previously, I went to class and listened to the lecture and then went back home and study by myself. It is totally different here. Here there is a lot of team work and a lot of discussion which is nice, although sometimes it is hard for me because I have to overcome the language barrier.

Q: You speak wonderful English. How many languages do you speak?
I speak Mandarin, English, and Taiwanese.

Q: When you’re not in school and studying, what do you like to do in your spare time?
During my spare time I enjoy shopping and watching movies. I also like jogging and playing tennis. In addition, I also really like to travel. I have traveled a lot during the past two years in the United States, including New Orleans (before Katrina), Washington DC, Chicago, NYC, Boston, and Yellowstone Park. I also went to Toronto from Buffalo.

Q: What is your favorite place that you have been in the United States?
I think the best place I have been is Yellowstone Park. We drove from Buffalo to Yellowstone Park. Although the long-distance driving drove us crazy, it was a wonderful experience.

Q: What is one surprising fact about yourself that you would like to share with the Weatherhead community?
I was a captain in the Army in Taiwan. Usually in Taiwan females don’t have to do military service, but I chose to go to a military university and join the Army.



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