Alumni Association President Message

Alumni Association President Message

Posted 5.23.06

Graduation is an exciting time that presents many opportunities. As students make the transition from the world of books and classes to annual reports and board rooms, it is important to utilize the network of alumni of which you are now a member. The benefits you will reap by staying connected to your alma mater are numerous:

  • Attending alumni events can open doors, not only to business and career contacts, but for those who relocate to a new city, these events can introduce you to a new group of friends.
  • If your city doesn’t have an alumni club, starting one is a beneficial way to meet local alumni who could help you increase business or make a career change.
  • The contacts you can make through alumni events can open the door to informational interviews with other alumni regarding their businesses. The Weatherhead connection can provide you with the ice breaker you need to approach alumni in order to learn more about their businesses.
  • Keep in touch with faculty. Their knowledge of industry as well as their constantly growing network of friends and associates could benefit you. Their familiarity with you and where your career is headed could also be a plus.
A lot of time and effort has been spent in achieving your degree. You have made some great friends and contacts. Don’t let that effort go to waste by not utilizing the family you have now joined. Congratulations!


Evan Morgan
Alumni Association President


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