Posted 4.19.06

Weatherheadlines sat down with Teresa Kabat, MAPS (Marketing and Policy Studies) department assistant and Faculty Staff Service Award winner. Teresa had a lot to say about her favorite team, the Cleveland Indians and why, if anyone asked her, she knows a lot about insurance benefits.

Q: How long have you been at Weatherhead and what is it that you do?

I’ve been at Weatherhead the whole time I’ve been at Case – 7 ½ years. I basically handle the day-to-day for the professors and staff. I help with everything from contracts, student employment, and payment requests and I’m starting to work on the budget. I replaced someone who is having a baby, so I’m still trying to learn the job.

Before I took this job I was the MAPS department assistant – which involved working with researchers and helping them type up their work and I was involved a lot with the students.

Q: Tell us a little bit about life before you came to Weatherhead.

Before Weatherhead, I spent 25 years in the insurance industry at various companies and agencies. After being in that industry for so long I decided it was time to find something else. I started here in June of 1998 as a temp, and I was full time by August. One of the benefits of having worked in the insurance industry is that I understand how to deal with benefits. I know the right questions to ask.

Q: What about life outside of Weatherhead?

Well, the first thing that you should know about me is that I’m a huge sports fan. I’m a die-hard Indians fan – and not just recently -- I didn’t just jump on the bandwagon.

Q: Were you there at Opening Day this year?

No, I don’t go to Opening Day. Let me explain, I just don’t want to deal with the hassle of people who go to Opening Day but don’t really want to watch the game. I remember an Opening Day with my dad in the old Cleveland Stadium, and I saw someone walk on the rafters on the roof. I thought he was going to fall and that was one of my last Opening Day games.

Q: So are you a Clevelander – born and raised?

Yes, I’m a Cleveland native. I live in Euclid now, right on the lake but I grew up in South Euclid in the Buckeye Road area. I went to St. Peter’s high school – which was on 18th and Superior. I was part of the last graduating class before it merged with another school.

Q: If you could do it all over again, what would you do?

If I could do it over – I would have gotten a degree in history or something to do with history. I’m really interested in American history from 1600 – 1870, the colonial period and the Civil War. It might sound funny but I always thought of the Civil War time period as just dates, and then I saw the movie Gettysburg (1993) and it really changed my mind.

Q: What is the last good book you read or are reading now?

I just finished Gettysburg by Newt Gingrich (and William R. Forstchen). It deals with the question: What if the South did something different at that battle? I just finished The Notebook (Nicolas Sparks). I’ve seen the movie multiple times, and I’ve wanted to read the novel for awhile.

Q: Name a book you are embarrassed you haven’t read?

I guess it would have to be a classic – Moby Dick (Herman Melville). I haven’t read a lot of the classics and I’ve never read that.

Q: How do you get rid of stress?

I guess through my love of sports. I will watch any sport – except boxing and wrestling. My second favorite sport, after baseball, to watch is soccer. I’ve even been to World Cup games -- both women’s and men’s matches. When we had the Crunch and the Force in town, I went to those games. I joined the booster club and went out of town to games.

I also like just talking with people about sports. I like that I can win arguments or put people in their place because I know what I’m talking about.

Q: Name a famous person who people say you look like, and/or the celebrity who would play you in the movie of your life.

First, I don’t know why anyone would want to make a movie of my life and no one says I look like anyone.

Q: If you knew it was going to be your last meal, what would you have?

I knew you were going to ask this. It would be something seafood and would include scallops and maybe clam chowder. And definitely cheesecake for dessert, definitely cheesecake.

Q: When the Indian’s play at home they pick two songs to be played as they walk up to bat. If you had to pick two songs for you – what would they be?

The one song I can think of that would fit would be "The Impossible Dream" from the musical the Man of La Mancha. I’ve always like that song. I like the message.





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