June 8: New Opportunities in Healthcare Value Chain: From Suppliers to Benefits Managers | Weatherhead

June 8: New Opportunities in Healthcare Value Chain: From Suppliers to Benefits Managers

Posted 4.18.2006

Dramatic changes in health care will occur as employers offer consumer-driven health plans and health savings accounts in significant numbers in the next three years. They will save significant cost and gain goodwill with most employees. Their actions will force radically new approaches among new and emerging providers to cut cost, improve measurable quality and shift to more convenient settings. For financial institutions, manufacturers, service suppliers, information purveyors and others who can help meet these market goals, the opportunities will be very large. This program will explore these strategic implications with special emphasis on those in the value chain other than conventional healthcare providers.

This workshop will explore the dynamics of the consumer-driven market and assess the speed, force and direction of change likely for the health system and those who interact with it. Attendees will simulate the choice process, assess the likely reaction of consumers and extrapolate to market opportunities for providers. From this data, the group will isolate strategic directions and market needs for those who sell information, services, and products to the delivery sector. The session also will explore intermediation opportunities and threats in the value chain for financial institutions, agents, wholesalers and other middlemen who have a secure place in the prior arrangements but are certain to be challenged by others in the new world order. Finally, the implications for employers of such changes will be analyzed as they face critical decisions.

  • Changes in how choices are made among plans and providers
  • The emerging importance of price, quality and convenience
  • Opportunities and threats from new suppliers and alternative providers
  • Implications of recent and future health policy for business strategic planning
  • Characteristics of winners and losers in this market—at all levels

As a result of attending this class, participants will gain:
  • Increased understanding of the glide path of the healthcare industry
  • Recognition of potential profits, savings and requirements for business
  • New strategic and tactical ideas for product development and marketing
  • Appreciation of the push for consumer value – for both individuals and payers

Who Should Attend

Managers and executives of organizations who currently or prospectively sell to the health sector as a primary or secondary market and employers making the decision as to future health benefits.

Type of Program: 75% Conceptual and 25% Skill-based

Level of Prior Knowledge in This Subject Area: None

J. B. Silvers, Eliz. & Wm. Treuhaft Professor of Health Systems Management and Finance, and Faculty Director of the Health Systems Management Center at Weatherhead, studies the business of healthcare as a researcher and former CEO and participates in health policy bodies advising Congress on Medicare and accrediting health institutions.

June 8, 2006
9:00 am - 4:30 pm
George S. Dively Building

Individual Participants: $545 by credit card; $575 by check
Affiliate Organizations: One class day per participant.


This seminar runs from 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. on June 8.

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