Alumni Association President Message

Alumni Association President Message

Posted 4.17.06

During this spring semester, the Weatherhead School of Management Alumni Association Board of Directors has been reorganizing, setting goals, forming new committees, and working towards a more cohesive and established group. Throughout this process, a common focus for the group has developed. The notion of “Building the Tribe” has become our calling.

Cultivating relationships needs to be a focus for each of us in our lives and careers. Keeping in contact with not only my Weatherhead colleagues, but friends from my undergraduate years as well as my past employment contacts is a constant focus for me. I block out time every month to call and say hello to these friends in an effort to keep in touch.

The idea of Weatherhead alumni in all parts of the world bonding together in support of each other is exciting to me. I believe networking is the most important part of my business. As a business school, we need to constantly emphasize the importance of contacts. We need to utilize our resources and share our knowledge and understanding of the process with the students. Yes, the classroom experience is vital to their success, but I believe the lessons offered through the older more experienced Tribe members are indispensable to the learning process.

Webster’s defines a tribe as: a social group comprising numerous families, clans, or generations together with dependents or adopted strangers. I think this describes the Weatherhead Tribe perfectly. So I encourage you to take some time this month and send that email or pick up the phone and make that call. You never know what could develop.


Evan Morgan
Alumni Association President



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