Posted 3.30.06

Over 30 executives from around the U.S., Canada and as far away as Austria are now participating in Weatherhead’s Coaching a Culture of Leadership executive workshop. This highly-acclaimed, 3.5-day experience designed by Richard Boyatzis, professor of Organizational Behavior, builds leadership capability through one-on-one coaching and instruction on coaching Emotional Intelligence in others.

This experience uses the empirically-proven Intentional Change Process and self-directed learning and includes exercises and living cases from a participant’s own organization. Participants complete the Emotional Competence Inventory as part of the program, and receive individual feedback on coaching from Master Coaches and peers.

Scott Taylor, a leadership development consultant, lecturer and PhD candidate in the Organizational Behavior Department leads the program, along with six Master Coaches. The session takes place in two parts, two days in March and a day and a half in May.

Evaluations about the first half of the program include comments like:

  • “Exhilarating, inspirational and personally useful.”
  • “Very useful for my team and organization.”
  • “I am very excited to be participating.”
  • “Entire master coaching staff is impressive!”
  • “Excellent facilitation, the time just flew by!”

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