Student Spotlight: Yohanes Frezgi, B.S. Accounting ‘06

Student Spotlight: Yohanes Frezgi, B.S. Accounting ‘06

Posted 3.16.06

Landing a prestigious internship at Goldman Sachs is enough to make any Weatherhead undergraduate the envy of his or her peers. Landing an actual job at Goldman Sachs is even more impressive.

So why on earth, after being offered a position in the Controller’s office of Goldman Sachs, did Weatherhead senior Yohanes Frezgi turn down a job that any other student would jump at?

“I was a co-op at Goldman Sachs last year,” explains Yohanes Frezgi. “I got an offer to work in the Controller’s office but I had decided that I really wanted to get into investment banking, so I passed it up for another internship. It’s kind of a risky move.”

Forgoing a job, any job, for an internship after graduating is a risky move, but for Frezgi it is all about making the best of an opportunity.

“There are so many co-op and intern opportunities here at Case but not everyone takes advantage of them,” says Frezgi. “I found out about the Goldman Sachs internship through the Weatherhead eCampus Recruiter System.”

He may be good at spotting opportunities, but in keeping with his penchant for risk – Frezgi only sent a resume to Goldman Sachs.

As we know in business, risk can bring reward and Frezgi has certainly benefited from his calculated risk. However, he’s also proven himself in his short time at Case. One look at his resume and that is clear.

He has worked in the offices of Ernst & Young, Forest City and Goldman Sachs, all the while financing his own education.

“I worked at Forest City in the corporate accounting office one summer,” he says. “I got to meet Mr. Ratner (CEO) and then about a week later he called me to ask how I was doing. I thought it was one of my friends playing a joke on me.”

He tells the story that he kept asking the person on the other line who they really were only to find out later it really was the big boss.

Frezgi’s phone etiquette obviously improved enough to secure a position at Goldman less than a year later after he had his first interview.

“Goldman Sachs gets about 10,000 resumes,” says Frezgi. “But when I got the call that I would have a phone interview, I did a phenomenal amount of research on the company and what they were doing.”

After that he got a trip to New York to the Goldman Sachs headquarters, and a round of what he refers to as ‘stress interviews’ – where one of the questions he was asked was: Why a Case student thought he could compete with students from Harvard, Princeton, and Yale?

“I told them that Case prepares you for the real world, that it has some of the best professors in the world, and of course there is lots of homework,” he adds.

The long list of Frezgi’s extra-curricular activities didn’t hurt him either. He is the founder and president of the National Association of Black Accountants, president of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, and winner of the Monster Diversity Leadership award (2003, 2005).

And perhaps his most achievement since he came to Case, “I was in the MTV Race at Case commercial. So I’ve got that too,” he adds.

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