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Spotlight: Media Relations Seminar, Jan. 31

Posted 1.10.2006


Media Relations: Image, Positioning and Crisis Control

JANUARY 31, 2006, 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

An organization’s image can be built or destroyed in the media. The ability to represent oneself and one’s organization positively, clearly and honestly is a key business skill. This comprehensive training seminar develops the insight, communications capability and confidence to deal effectively with the media during everyday business activities and in crisis situations.

Multi-media mock interviews and press conferences will give volunteers real-world, on-camera experience. Individual critiques, coaching and training will guide them in developing a skill set and sense of confidence to work effectively with the media. All attendees will learn the steps to prepare a crisis communication plan to meet the challenges and speak positively to issues during the crisis situation.

The role of the media in business
o What are the objectives of the business reporter?
o Thinking like a reporter to be prepared

Preparing for a press conference/interview
o Key message points
o Controlling body language
o Pausing for emphasis and redirect
o Is saying this is "off the record" ever the right thing to say?
o Damage control
o Debriefing and learning

How to be prepared when a crisis or potential negative situation occurs
o Confidence not defensiveness when “20/20” is knocking on your door
o When it's right to say "No Comment"

Preparing for the next crisis
o Key message points
o How to rephrase potential volatile questions
oProtecting the company’s brand and positioning in the marketplace

As a result of attending this program, participants will:
o Gain insight on what the media looks for in an interview
o Understand the benefit of advance preparation for crisis situations and how to involve and prepare all team members in the organization
o Gain knowledge and confidence in effectively communicating to protect the company’s image, brand and perception in the marketplace
o Develop skills in teamwork, clear communications and preparedness

Type of Program: Conceptual and Skill-Based

Level of Prior Knowledge in This Subject Area: None

Who Should Attend
Executives, general managers, technical and area-specific personnel who may speak with the media in a crisis situation or provide information to the spokesperson who does.

Nancy M. Valent delivers more than 20 years of experience in marketing, strategic planning, branding, media/public relations, crisis communications and competitive analysis. She has held executive positions in several Fortune 500 companies. Currently, Nancy presides over NMV Strategies, LLC, and is a Weatherhead Affiliate Instructor.

Individual Participants: $545 by credit card; $575 by check
Affiliate Organizations: One class day per participant.

This seminar is part of the Strategic Marketing Certificate and Sales and Customer Relations Certificate.

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