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Keith Benson Hines, MBA '15

Posted 3.14.2016

Keith Benson Hines, MBA '15

I had no intention of attending the Weatherhead School of Management. I honestly had no intention of getting an MBA, and as a North Carolina resident, I really had no intention of moving to Cleveland, Ohio. At the time of searching for graduate schools and programs, I thought I was made for mild winters and sunny days; however, at the persistence of Deborah Bibb, here I am, and I am all the better for it.

Upon acceptance, I was notified that a portion of scholarship was made possible through the Norman E. Wallace Legacy Scholarship. Being from North Carolina, I was unaware of the story of Norman Wallace, so I did some research. Immediately I was moved to be the recipient of the scholarship. I was apprehensive about leaving my job, moving to a new city, and leaving the world I knew behind, but after finding out about the story of Norman Wallace, I realized that all I was giving up was nothing compared to what was taken from him.

I do not believe in happenstance. I believe that God places you where you are meant to be in life and it is all according to divine order. So. I was meant to be in Cleveland, at Weatherhead, and a Norman Wallace Scholar. Also, I am not naïve enough to believe that any greatness I accomplish is solely my own. As a recipient of this scholarship, I believe that anything I accomplish can partly be attributed to this scholarship. I believe that his legacy lives on with me, and anyone else who has received this scholarship. I decided that from the moment I committed to Weatherhead and accepted the scholarship that I would make every attempt to be the best student and person I could be, because it was not just my name and reputation on the line, but also the name and reputation of Norman Wallace. His tragic death made my future greatness possible, and that is not something that I take lightly.

I am truly humbled that Weatherhead chose me to receive this scholarship, and it is with profound gratitude that I write this letter of thanks to the benefactors of the Norman Wallace Scholarship, and with even greater gratitude that I say thank you to the Norman Wallace family. There are no words I can express that can fully capture the gratitude that I feel for your generous donations that have made this part of my life, and many others’ lives, possible. I hope that everyone who has ever been involved with this scholarship in any way since its inception knows that they have provided a tremendous service to students. So again, I say thank you, and that you have been an immense blessing.



Keith Benson Hines, MBA 2015

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