EDM Graduate Releases New Book

EDM Graduate Releases New Book

Posted 11.18.05

An Interview with Dr. Jacqueline Stavros, Weatherhead EDM graduate and author of the new book, Dynamic Relationships: Unleashing the Power of Appreciative Inquiry in Daily Living

By James Armour, MBA Candidate 2006


As with many worthwhile things in life, Dr. Jacqueline Stavros’ new book, Dynamic Relationships: Unleashing the Power of Appreciative Inquiry in Daily Living is the culmination of a long and exciting professional and personal journey. It started in the early 1990’s in Commerce, Michigan, while working in the automotive industry.

A mentor and friend had been encouraging her to go back to school to pursue a doctoral degree and recommended a new degree program, the Executive Doctor of Management (EDM) at the Weatherhead School of Management. He gave her a brochure and encouraged her to apply. While very appreciative of his encouragement, the brochure laid on her coffee table for some time. She was twenty-nine years old and had been working for only a few years since getting her MBA. She wondered if she had enough experience for an executive program.


Finally, after a lot of soul-searching and discussions with family and friends, she applied and was accepted into the very first EDM class in 1995. She enjoyed the program immensely. It was unlike anything she had experienced in education before, and it challenged her to think about issues that she would have otherwise never considered. She appreciated the breadth of the courses offered and especially the quality and genuine interest of the faculty.

Jackie Stravos and
coauthor Cheri Torres


While making her way through the three-year program, her life was changed forever when she met and studied under Dr. David Cooperrider, a Professor of Organizational Behavior at Weatherhead and founder of the Appreciative Inquiry (AI) method of organizational assessment and development. As she learned AI, she fell in love with the approach and designed her final EDM project, “Capacity Building: An Appreciative Approach,” using the AI methodology.


She has since partnered with Dr. Cooperrider, coauthoring a book on AI, called the Appreciative Inquiry Handbook. And now she has just finished her newest book, bringing yet another unique perspective on the usefulness and power of Appreciative Inquiry, this time in our personal lives.


What’s unique about Dynamic Relationships: Unleashing the Power of Appreciative Inquiry in Daily Living, is that “it is the first book to bring Appreciative Inquiry straight into our personal lives” says David Cooperrider. As Dr. Stavros describes it, the book was “co-created” with Cheri Torres, a long, but very fulfilling process filled with self-discovery and growth.


The book demonstrates that successful living and positive relationships require continuous awareness and informed appreciative action. Dynamic Relationships gives the reader the tools necessary to use Appreciative Inquiry to reflect on actions and relationships to offer increased value and meaning for life.


The book is a product of the appreciative journey Dr. Stavros has made herself since coming to Weatherhead back in 1995. With its publication this past August, Dynamic Relationships now invites everyone to explore their relationships through appreciative way of knowing and being.

Book reviews available at www.dynamic-relationships.com


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