Recording audio in Power Point

Recording audio in Power Point

Posted 11.2.05

Weatherhead Tech Tips

By George Klippel

Power Point is a powerful tool that can be used in the classroom, for presentations, and more. I’m sure most of you are aware how you can add a video or audio file into your presentation. But did you know that you can record audio directly into Power Point? In this tech tips I’ll explain how you record audio for your presentation.

What you need:

1-Power Point 2003

2-Computer with a microphone input. (All WSOM desktop and laptop units have this)

3-Microphone (The better the microphone you have, the better the sound quality will be)

To record audio directly into Power Point follow these steps.

1-Open Power Point and save your presentation

2-Select Insert, Movies and Sound, Record Sound

When you do this step a small box (figure a) will come up asking you to name the sound. Give this file a recognizable name in case you want to save and use it again later.

Figure a

3-When you are ready, click on the red “record” button and start speaking into your microphone. Please note that as soon as you select the record button the system will start recording so be ready and turn off any other items (phone, cell phone, pager etc) that might make unwanted noises.

4-When you finish click on the square blue box to stop the recording.

5-Click the play button to listen to what you recorded.

6-Click OK and the audio file is inserted into your presentation. You will notice that an icon of a speaker (figure b) shows up.

Figure b

Now that you have recorded a sound file directly into Power Point you can effect it to auto play, play on click only etc. It acts as any other inserted item would.

For more help with Power Point, or other Classroom Technology please contact me directly and I will gladly set up a one-on-one training session.

I look forward to bringing you Weatherhead Tech Tips each month. Look for a new tip in the next Weatherheadlines.


George Klippel

Manager, Classroom Technology and Facilities

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