Mike Fisher, EMBA '00 and PhD '13

Posted 5.28.2014

Mike Fisher, EMBA '00 and PhD '13

Mike Fisher, Marty Abbott, and Kalle Lyytinen released their newest book, The Power of Customer Misbehavior, published by Palgrave Macmillan. This book explores the importance of customer driven innovation for top line and bottom line growth. It shows how companies should not only learn to identify how their products are being misused, but also how to use this knowledge to innovate new products and services that better meet customer needs and promote viral growth. These techniques also promote long-term customer loyalty and growth even in hyper-competitive environments.

The Power of Customer Misbehavior explores the idea of 'customer misuse': when customers modify features or expand the usage of products and services in ways that were never intended. Reacting appropriately to customer misuse will allow companies to enter new markets, create more loyal customers, and encourage customers to tell others about the company's products, all of which foster faster growth. These compelling concepts are presented in the form of simple actionable principles and illustrated with rich case studies from successful companies such as Twitter, Intuit, eBay and Coca-Cola, to offer the first practical guide to harnessing this new source of strategic innovation.

Mike Fisher has an MBA and PhD from Case Western Reserve University. Marty Abbott is an alumni of the Weatherhead School of Management Doctorate of Management program and holds degrees in computer science and computer engineering. Kalle Lyytinen is the Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Director of the Doctorate of Management Program at the Weatherhead School of Management.

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