Posted 8.30.12

Trevor Allen, BA'11 credits his economics studies for his future with the Peace Corps. Allen will serve in Armenia for the next two years, teaching English at a local high school and at a branch of the Yerevan State Economics University. He plans on keeping busier still collaborating on side projects with local NGOs and community organizations.

Allen finds that the tools and methodologies used in the study of economics are “applicable in almost any scenario. By understanding that nearly all resources, from money to food to time itself, are limited, economics teaches you to understand how these resources are utilized.” Hooked on the “deeper understanding of many of life’s phenomena and intricacies” that the economics perspective provides, he intends to pursue a graduate degree in the area of poverty and development economics after his time as a Peace Corps Volunteer. “My particular interests are in the application of statistical and mathematical rigor to economic research, and an empirical approach to investigating development, exemplified by methods like randomized controlled trials,” says Allen.

Meanwhile, Allen shares a few words of advice for undergraduates considering an economics major: “Come into studying economics with an open mind and be prepared for critical thinking. If you enjoy analyzing your world, in both simple and complex concepts, and gaining a deeper understanding of a major driving factor in the course of humanity, then I strongly encourage you to give economics a try.”

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