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No Place for Hackers at Weatherhead

Posted 3.15.2005

“An Ethics Lesson for MBA Wannabes: Applicants to Harvard and Some Other Schools Are Being Rejected Because They Tried Hacking the Schools’ Internal Info on Their Status”
Business Week|online, March 9, 2005
“Harvard and MIT Join Carnegie Mellon in Rejecting Applicants Who Broke Into Business School Networks.”
The Chronicle of Higher Education March 11, 2005

The Weatherhead School of Management is in agreement with Harvard, MIT, Carnegie Mellon and other business schools which refuse admission to applicants who hack into its computers to reveal their acceptance status or any other information that is private or peculiar to any individual.  This apparently has occurred at Business School websites which use “Apply Yourself, Inc.” for admission processing.  Weatherhead does not use Apply Yourself and thus far has not been touched by such an incident. 

Given the state of multiple unethical business practices throughout the executive offices and boardrooms in this country’s largest companies, it is important to let it be known that this kind of behavior is not a good omen for the future leaders of business.  It should not be tolerated.  If there was an occurrence of this kind, the Weatherhead School would aggressively put an end to such infringement and would not permit people who take these liberties to be a part of the School’s educational experience. 

Myron Roomkin, Dean 

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