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Quarterly Faculty Accolades

Posted 5.3.2010


Professor Mark Taylor, PhD, attended the National Auditing Conference in Birmingham, United Kingdom where he presented two papers: “Testing the CPA Reliability Framework: The Effects of Engagement Type and Provision of Non-attest Services on Lenders’ Judgments” and “Auditing Standards Setting and Inspection for U.S. Public Companies: A Critical Assessment and Recommendations for Fundamental Change”


Assistant Professor Christa Bouwman, PhD, presented two of her corporate finance papers: "The Geography of Executive Compensation" at MIT's Sloan School of Management and "Corporate Governance Propagation through Overlapping Directors" at Boston College. Dr. Bouwman also presented one of her banking papers, "Bank Liquidity Creation, Monetary Policy, and Financial Crises," at the Boston Federal Reserve.

Associate Professor William Mahnic appeared on the segment, "Can We Afford the Healthcare Bill?" on WKYC's Good Company with Fred Griffith. Mahnic also commented on Huntington National Bank's competition with PNC.

Professor J.B. Silvers, PhD, was a guest on Marketplace where he discussed the State of the Union address in relation to health insurance reform. Dr. Silvers was also quoted in The Plain Dealer on healthcare and Cleveland hospitals.


Associate Professor Mark Votruba, PhD, participated in a panel discussion on healthcare reform legislation on The Mike Trivisonno Show (WTAM 1100). Dr. Votruba was also quoted in The Plain Dealer as part of a Health Care Fact Check.  Additionally, Votruba presented his recent work, "Unhealthy Insurance Markets: Search Frictions and the Cost and Quality of Health Insurance," at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago's conference New Perspectives on Health and Health Care Policy.

Professor Susan Helper, PhD, spoke to USAToday as an expert source on the Toyota Recall crisis.

Since his most recent book “Born Entrepreneurs, Born Leaders: How Your Genes Affect Your Work Life” was released, Professor Scott Shane, PhD, has been receiving much publicity.  The piece was reviewed in The Wall Street Journal.

Dr. Shane has also written regular columns for BusinessWeek, Small Business Trends, American Express Open, Alrroya Aleqtissadiya, and The American.


Professor Kalle Lyytinen, PhD, has edited two special issues. The first one focuses on the new challenges on Requirements Engineering and is titled “Special Issue on High Impact Requirements Engineering."  It includes Dr. Lyytinen’s interview of Fred Brooks, a legendary designer of the IBM OS 360 architecture and operating system, on design requirements management.

The second issue was edited together with Professor Harri Oinas-Kukkonen and Professor Youngjin Yoo for the Journal of the Association for Information Systems. It is titled “Special Issue on Social Networks.”

Additionally, during a recent trip to Europe, Lyytinen gave lectures at University of Amsterdam (Netherlands), IT University of Gothenburg (Sweden), and Boras University (Sweden).


Professor Paul Gerhart, PhD, presented a paper on proof in Labor Arbitration and served on the Arbitral Decision Making panel at the Regional Meeting of the U.S. Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service meeting in Columbus, Ohio.


A research study by Professor Richard Boyatzis, PhD, that explores the emotional intelligence of Catholic Pastor Priests has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies. His work is entitled "The Effect of Religious Leaders’ Emotional and Social Competencies on Improving Parish Vibrancy."

Additionally, one of Dr. Boyatzis' collaborative studies on fMRIs and coaching received a Best Paper Award by the Academy of Management and will be presented at their annual meeting in Montreal in August 2010. The work is entitled "Coaching with Compassion: An fMRI Study of Coaching to the Positive or Negative Emotional Attractor.

Adjunct Professor Bonnie Richley, PhD, has two multi-collaborative publications forthcoming including "Sustainability: A Whole System Perspective," to be published in Silesian University of Technology's Journal of Management and "Shaping Organizational Culture, in C. Wankely and J. Stoner, eds., Management through Collaboration: Teaming in a Networked World." 

Dr. Richley has also been invited to speak at a Scottish government sponsored event to be held at the University of Aberdeen to present research on the Diffusion of Socio-business Innovations (SBI).

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