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Faculty Accolades

Posted 10.20.2009

The Weatherhead School of Management would like to extend congratulations to the following faculty members who have been recently recognized for their teaching, research, and expertise in the field of management.


Gregory Jonas, PhD, Presents at Several Conferences
Assistant Professor Gregory Jonas, PhD, presented at the Ohio Regional Meeting for the American Accounting Association on "Textbook Websites: User Technology Acceptance Behavior," and "Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting: Effects of Voluntary Disclosure Using Global Reporting Initiative Standards." 

Dr. Jonas also presented his work "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle: Disciplinary Socialization at the American Accounting Association's Doctoral Consortium," (co-authored with Weatherhead Professor Timothy Fogarty, PhD) at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Gary Previts, PhD, Lends Expertise to AAA Panel
This past August, the E. Mandell de Windt Professor in Leadership and Enterprise Development and newly named Accountancy Department Chair, Gary Previts, PhD, served as a panel member at the 2009 AAA Annual Meeting in New York to discuss developments in federal financial regulation.

Banking and Finance 

C.N.V. Krishnan, PhD, Collaborates with Weatherhead Faculty on Several Articles
Associate Professor C.N.V. Krishnan, PhD, has several works forthcoming in the Journal of Financial Intermediation.  Dr. Krishnan co-authored "Predicting Credit Spreads" with Peter Ritchken, PhD, the Kenneth Walter Haber Professor, and an outside co-author.  Krishnan also collaborated with Associate Professor Ajai Singh, PhD, and outside co-authors on "Examining Bank SEOs: Are Offers Made by Undercapitalized Banks Different?"

His article, "Law Firm Reputation and Mergers and Acquisitions" has been accepted for presentation at the 2009 Conference on Empirical Legal Studies at the University of Southern California, and was listed in the top ten journal download list in Social Science Research Network for October 2009.  Additionally, "Venture Capital Reputation, Post-IPO Performance and Corporate Governance," co-authored by Dr. Krishnan, Dr. Singh, and outside co-authors, made this top ten list.

William Mahnic to Join Economic Summit Panel
William Mahnic will appear on a panel at the Educational Economic Summit, Friday, October 23 at the Rocky River Public Library.  The event will focus on current economic issues and feature local and state leaders.

J.B. Silvers, PhD, Weighs in on Health Care
J.B. Silvers, PhD, the Elizabeth M. and William C. Treuhaft Professor of Management, was quoted in the Christian Science Monitor in response to Senator Max Baucus' health care compromise plan which was released in September.  Dr. Silvers was also a guest on WCPN's Sound of Ideas in September to discuss the topic "Who is Responsible for Health Risks?"


Jack Kleinhenz, PhD, Works toward Ohio Broadband Reform
Adjunct Professor Jack Kleinhenz, PhD, presented a new study at Ohio's Statehouse indicating that up to 30,000 jobs are either supported or created in Ohio by investment in broadband.  Read "The Evolution of Telecom and the Ohio Template for Reform: 2009."

Scott Shane, PhD, Begins Writing for BusinessWeek Online and Is Featured in Several Media Outlets
Scott Shane, PhD, the A. Malachi Mixon III Professor in Entrepreneurial Studies, is writing a new column series for BusinessWeek online.  Dr. Shane's first piece is titled "Tougher Access to Credit Cards Benefits Entrepreneurs." His series will focus on challenging commonly-held myths about entrepreneurship.

Dr. Shane has continued writing for The New York Times blog "You're the Boss."  Read his most recent post, "How Start-Ups Really Create Jobs--and What this Means for Employment Growth."  He was also featured in the Inc. article, "Is Entrepreneurship in Your Genes?"

Information Systems

Richard Buchanan, PhD, Speaks in Denmark on Design Theory
Richard Buchanan, PhD, visited Denmark to speak about design theory and take a closer look at developments within design research at the Danish Centre for Design Research's annual research rally.

Fred Collopy, PhD, Appointed to Prestigious Design Jury
Congratulations to Fred Collopy, PhD, who was recently named to the European Design Management Award Jury for 2009. Collopy was the only professor chosen from North America. The DME Award is a business award that recognizes the skills and leadership of management to implement design in business for commercial success.

Reshaping Boundaries in Art, Design, and Management
The Weatherhead School took on an important step September 24-25, by organizing the workshop "Reshaping Boundaries in Art, Design and Management." The event, led by Fred Collopy, PhD, had forty-five participants from nineteen different institutions including The Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland Museum of Art, and Karamu House, among others.

The workshop was designed to deepen existing relationships between institutions in University Circle and to engage participants in a broader discussion of the challenges and opportunities that affect University Circle and the surrounding Cleveland arts and cultural institutions. The goal was to explore design ideas in the context of re-designing and re-framing the role and impact of these institutions.

Kalle Lyytinen, PhD, Receives NSF Grant
Kalle Lyytinen, PhD, the Iris. S. Wolstein Professor of Management Design, received a National Science Foundation grant for his study on "VOSS-Collaborative Research: Virtualization of Work Capabilities in Project-Based Design Organizations.  The goals of the study are: (a) how project-based design organizations virtualize their work capabilities by entangling both virtual and physical materiality, and (b) how design control and environmental volatility affect the virtualization process.

To address these questions, Dr. Lyytinen has conducted case studies in four project-based design organizations: construction design and management, software teams, network (hardware/software) product design teams, and complex mechanical and process engineering (fluid controls in aerospace) involving different levels of design control and environmental volatility. The studies will draw upon field-oriented data collection techniques involving semi-structured interviews, observations, archival research, surveys, the use of video and images (to address the physical aspects of material work) and process modeling. Main data analysis techniques are process oriented event structure studies and pattern matching.

Marketing & Policy Studies

Gary Hunter, PhD, Takes on a Lead Role at the AMA Conference
Gary Hunter, PhD, chaired the Sales and Relationship Marketing track for the American Marketing Association's Winter Educators' Conference.  Reflecting a surge of interest in professional selling and relationship marketing, the track drew thirty-two competitive papers and six special session proposals.

Article Becomes Seventh Most Downloaded in Past Twelve Months
An article co-authored by the H. Clark Ford Professor of Marketing, Jagdip Singh, PhD, is the seventh most downloaded article over the past twelve months on the Journal of Marketing website.  "Consumer Trust, Value, and Loyalty in Relational Exchanges" appeared in the January 2002 edition of the Journal of Marketing, which has remained one of the most impactful resources in the marketing discipline for more than seven decades.

Positive Leadership--A New Paradigm for Leadership
Paul Tolchinsky, PhD, wrote the article "Positive Leadership--A New Paradigm for Leadership," with Ruth Seliger, which appeared in Leading in Complexity.

Organizational Behavior  

Diana Bilimoria, PhD, Receives NSF Grant
This September, Diana Bilimoria, PhD, received a three-year grant from the National Science Foundation called "Institutions Developing Excellence in Academic Leadership" (IDEAL). Dr. Bilimoria is a Co-PI on the grant; Lynn Singer is the PI.

The award is an NSF Advance Paid grant to transform universities by improving the recruitment, advancement, and retention of women and underrepresented minority faculty in the sciences and engineering.  IDEAL will create a unique learning community and partnership among Case Western Reserve University and five other public research universities in the northern Ohio region seeking to adapt successful equity and inclusion practices and models to educate and empower faculty and administrative leaders.

Fowler Center's Appreciative Inquiry Summit Method Helps Leaders Design Green Cities
From August 12-14, David Cooperrider, PhD, facilitated Appreciative Inquiry work with 700 Greater Clevelanders at "Sustainable Cleveland 2019," an AI summit that he called one of the most energized of his career. Mayor Frank G. Jackson and the City of Cleveland enlisted Weatherhead's Fowler Center for Sustainable Value to "build an economic engine to empower a green city on a blue lake." Both groups have collaborated closely over the past year to make the summit a success.

At the summit, twenty action groups worked over three days to design sustainable initiatives that would bolster the economy in northeast Ohio in specific opportunity areas including food, advanced manufacturing, urban land use, transportation, water, and health, The summit was one of the first city-based AI summits and showed that this methodology can be an effective tool for activating a geographic region's economic goals. Cities around the world are now inquiring with Weatherhead about how AI can work for them.  Read complete Plain Dealer coverage.

David Cooperrider, PhD, Collaborating with Costa Rican President
David Cooperrider, PhD, recently worked with Nobel Laureate and Costa Rican President Oscar Arias on an Appreciative Inquiry summit for the Global Alliance for Building Ministries and Departments of Peace. According to Cooperrider, President Arias is interested in looking at the profound economic benefits of peace, and the economic absurdity of war.

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