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Plain Dealer coverage of Sustainable Cleveland 2019

Posted 9.22.2009

“The headlines covering Cleveland’s 700-person, three-day AI Summit told the story of an extraordinary event," wrote summit facilitator David Cooperrider in his September 13 Plain Dealer editorial.  Indeed, news coverage of Sustainable Cleveland 2019 was extensive and recorded an unprecedented experiment, one that engaged stakeholders from every walk of the city's life and asked them to invent their region's future, to design a green city on a blue lake.

The below stories tell of summit processes, practical outcomes, participants' hopes, and post-summit work.  Also below are op-eds from summit host Mayor Frank G. Jackson, Cooperrider, and summit participant Charles Michener, former senior editor of the New Yorker and columnist for the New York Observer who wrote that the summit was "like uncorking a giant bottle of Champagne left too long on the shelf and seeing the bubbles explode."

This list will be expanded as post-summit coverage continues.

August 12, 2009:

"Cleveland hosts summit on reinventing local economy" (A1, jump to A8).

"Management professor tapped to organize meet" (A8).

"Summit discussion topics to cover a broad range" (A8). 

August 13, 2009:

"Regional summit is seeking to change culture, economy" (C1, jump to C2).

August 14, 2009:

"Enthusiasm, ideas bloom at sustainability summit" (C1, jump to C4).

August 15, 2009:

"Sustainability summit offers view of a green, prosperous Cleveland" (A1, jump to A10).

August 18, 2009:

"Summit sparks commitment to spread sustainability gospel" (A1, jump to A6).

EDITORIAL: "City's parallel, can-do universe" (A5).

August 23, 2009:

EDITORIAL: "Cleveland will be first city to achieve sustainability," by Mayor Frank G. Jackson (G6). 

EDITORIAL: "Mayor Jackson pulls off an amazing feat with an exhilarating, idea-sparking summit," by Charles Michener (G6).

August 28, 2009:

"Sustainable Cleveland groups still working on plans" (C2).

September 2, 2009:

"Regional development fund adopts sustainability account" (C1, jump to C4).

September 6, 2009:

"Poll: What are you willing to do to increase sustainability in Greater Cleveland?  What do you think local government should do?" (D4).

September 13, 2009:

EDITORIAL: "A green economic engine can drive Cleveland's future," by David Cooperrider (G3).

September 18, 2009:

"Bright ideas for a greater Cleveland" (C1, jump to C2).

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