Donor Spotlight - Clare Frissora, EMBA '98 | Weatherhead

Donor Spotlight - Clare Frissora, EMBA '98

Posted 4.25.2008

What is your current title and position? What does your current job entail?
Currently I work in independent business consulting in the Boston area. My focus is on general business consulting for companies needing assistance with business growth programs and plans. This follows 21 years of experience with GE and SABIC Innovative Plastics spanning roles based in three continents, 5 GE businesses and 5 functional areas in the businesses, including Finance, Supply Chain, Product Management, Business Development and Marketing – with primary focus on growth programs).

What brought you to Weatherhead?
Case Western’s long-standing reputation coupled with the recognition of third party evaluations of Case Western’s Executive MBA program, and well regarded faculty brought me here.

Why do you choose to donate to Weatherhead?
I believe that education is of critical importance for a healthy society – in our communities and for our country. As such, it is my goal to support the universities that have enabled my career growth and success so that others may have the same opportunities available to them.

What is your favorite Weatherhead memory?
The casual but challenging educational environment that promoted high performance standards and allowed for creativity – specifically, presenting one of our final business case “reports” in the format of a play based on “The Wizard of Oz”. It was complete with a house falling on Dorothy, a melting witch, and the full ensemble of characters. We received a very good grade!

Do you have any advice for Weatherhead students currently in the same program you were in?
The Executive MBA program offered a wonderful opportunity to step away from my everyday work world and business environment and learn not only from the faculty, but also from a diverse group of people. My advice: take advantage of that unique and fabulous opportunity for diversity of thought and experience, get to know your classmates, and learn as much as you can from them.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Travel, photography, biking and swimming

If you could invite any person (living or dead) to dinner, who would it be and why?
I’d like to meet with one of the Framers of the Constitution. They lived in, responded to and shaped such a pivotal point in the history of our country, demonstrating the clarity of thought and purpose to develop our Constitution – one that has endured over the long term. They showed the ability to forge diverse thoughts into common principles, with enough structure to guide us, yet enough flexibility to allow us to evolve. Brilliant. It would be fascinating to hear and discuss their direct perspectives on key facets of their times and their leadership: strategy development, engagement and buy-in of so many stakeholders, maintaining fortitude as well as inspiring the nation. To live in those times must have been extraordinary; these dynamic leaders came together to achieve the creation of significant document to manage a nation.

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