GBSA president's message

GBSA president's message

Posted 8.25.07

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the Weatherhead School once again. It has been a while since the last GBSA president's message. I'm sure that I'm not alone in wanting to share and hear everyone's stories, adventures and experiences over the summer. Also, from talking with both new students and returning students, I know that there is a lot of energy and excitement about meeting everyone at the Weatherhead School. 

Orientation has concluded through the concerted and dedicated efforts of the Weatherhead School administration/staff, faculty and students. During orientation, GBSA held some successful events such as the trip to the Westside Market, president’s welcome and an international food festival.

As we all get adjusted to the school environment, GBSA will be planning many events. For many of the logistics and to see what's on the schedule, be sure to check out the Weatherhead calendar. Some upcoming events to look forward to are described below.

Bar of the week:
This event is rather self explanatory. Look for notes coming from V.P. of Social and Cultural Activities Jesse Corn for updates on event details and then enjoy the experience when you arrive.

Break from business as usual:
Wouldn't it be nice to sit back and casually enjoy the company of your fellow students, faculty and staff at the school? Well, the Break from Business as Usual series, generally held once a month, is geared for that exact purpose. The first event will be held on September 12.

Club introductions:
Everyone wants to know what the many great school clubs are going to be doing this year, how to get involved, who is in charge and where to sign up. An event will be held to introduce each club and provide a forum for people to sign up. Also, some clubs already or will have events on their own to share their message.

Elections of new GBSA officers:
Do you have great ideas, want to be a leader at the school or like to be involved? If so, being a GBSA officer may be a good fit for you. An election will take place in September for the following positions:

  • First year academic & student affairs chairperson
  • First year communications chairperson
  • First year social & cultural affairs chairperson
  • Evening academic & student affairs chairperson

If you want to know more about the positions, check out the GBSA Constitution  or contact a member of the GBSA executive team.

GBSA general assembly:
Every month a general assembly event will be held at which the plans and happenings of GBSA will be discussed. This event is open to everyone and attendance is encouraged. If you would like to know more, or even get a spot on the agenda, contact V.P. of Communications Dionne Braddix or me. The first general assembly is planned for September 20.

Monday’s bite:
This event is a popular free lunch series where speakers, often students, share their cool, funny, educational or otherwise interesting experiences with the students. Stop by for the free lunch and first enjoyable session on September 10.

Weatherheadless ball:
Are you ready for an amazing Halloween event? The Weatherheadless Ball is the Weatherhead School's Halloween party. It is so popular and fun that it even attracts students from other schools across campus. This fantastically fun event takes place in late October. Start thinking about a wacky, wild, daring costume early on.

The Post-it site that was launched and used last year has been improved and expanded. If you have information to share with your colleagues, this is the area to let everyone know. Also, if you have a question, feel free to post that too. As we all know from class, there is often more than one person who benefits from one question and its answer. Post-it is a new discussion board area that anyone at the Weatherhead School can access and use.

As the GBSA we are looking forward to the school year and would gladly welcome your feedback, ideas and plans. We're here to help our fellow students thrive and make the whole experience successful. If you would like to talk with me, send me an e-mail.


Whit Tice
MBA and MPOD candidate 2009
President, Graduate Business Student Association

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