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Emotional intelligence program schedule for 2007-2008

Posted 5.4.2007

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Introduction to Emotional Intelligence (1 day)
October 2, 2007; January 22, 2008; March 11, 2008 or June 24, 2008
Increase your capacity for self-awareness and learn how to effectively apply this higher level of self-knowledge to the management of yourself and the leadership of others.

Advanced Emotional Intelligence (EI): The Relational Aspects
(1 day)
October 3, 2007 or March 12, 2008
Learn how leaders move us, develop emotional intelligence in others and build effective networks.

Developing Resonant Leadership and Emotional Intelligence: A Day with Richard Boyatzis (1 day)
November 15, 2007 or June 25, 2008
Professor Boyatzis leads this exploration of the link between emotional intelligence and resonant leadership, the underlying psychological and physiological processes that impact performance, and how to create and nurture relationships of deep emotional connection that inspire and sustain us.

Team Leadership through Emotional Intelligence (1 day)
May 6, 2008
Apply EI and leadership strategies in the team setting. Understand team behaviors and norms at the core of effectiveness and the tools that enable those norms to emerge.

Coaching a Culture of Leadership (3.5 days)
October 4-5 and November 13-14, 2007 or
March 13-14 and May 7-8, 2008
Discover how to develop leadership and emotional intelligence in others within your organization. Based on the intentional change process, an empirically-proven framework for achieving desired, sustained, behavioral transformation. Where traditional coaching approaches focus on identifying and correcting weaknesses, this process focuses on the intersection of aspirations and strengths that propel an individual’s best performance.

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