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The impact of thank you notes

Posted 4.4.2007

Thank you. These two simple words can significantly boost your chances of landing your dream job. Whether it's simply an informational interview, or a high pressure case interview at a top consulting firm, sending a thank you note afterwards is imperative if you want to make the most of your opportunity.

Immediately after a job interview, thank you notes should be sent to all of the persons with whom you met. Emphasize briefly and specifically your suitability for the job. Also, address any concerns about your qualifications that arose during the interview. The primary purpose of this letter is to say thanks, but if you felt that you didn't have the opportunity to discuss a particular issue during your meeting, feel free to mention it. I have found that referring to something non-job related (i.e., common interests) that you discussed can help to strengthen rapport; however this should only be done if you feel you had a particularly friendly interview.

The following is a thank you letter I sent to an executive after an informational interview that ultimately led to a job interview:

Dear Mr. Smith,

Thank you very much for meeting with me last week to discuss your career and the nature of your work at XYZ Corporation. I enjoyed meeting you and the other members of your department. It was inspiring to witness such a distinguished team at work.

Our discussion reaffirmed my interest in XYZ Corporation. I was delighted to learn that my long-term interest in XYZ Corp aligns with the organizational culture. The internship program that you mentioned sounds exactly like what I've been seeking because it would allow me to experience a variety of challenging projects. I believe I can make a significant contribution to the success of XYZ Corp due to my educational and professional background. I sincerely hope you agree.

Thanks again for meeting with me. I have attached my contact information in case you should have any questions.

Sending a thank you note by postal mail is traditional and ensures that your message will not be filtered away by spam protection software. However, an e-mail thank you note is considered acceptable and is particularly helpful when the interviewer will be making a decision relatively quickly.

As best selling author Harvey Mackay once stated, "Anyone too busy to say thank you'll get fewer and fewer chances to say it."

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