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Q&A with Charlie Madison (MGT '22)

Posted 8.2.2022

Q&A with Charlie Madison (MGT '22)
Charlie Madison
Year Graduated: May 2022
Degree: Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Business Analytics 

What are you up to?

I just started my role as a senior associate in the Management Development program at TheMathCompany. 

After a month of training, my role will involve generating insights through data analytics techniques, developing recommendations, and presenting these to clients and their management. I’ll also be accountable for communicating strategy and delivery plans for the projects with clients, ensuring full alignment across clients and internal teams.

How did you find this job?

I first heard of TheMathCompany through my Advanced Marketing Analytics course this past semester. A 2018 alum of Weatherhead's M.S. Business Analytics program, Awanindra Singh, who has worked at TheMathCo. since graduating, connected our professor, Rakesh Niraj, with the company for a class project. Karla Montes, senior associate of people and operations, briefly introduced herself to my class during our virtual project kick off, and I connected with her on LinkedIn right after that lecture. When Karla was looking for candidates for TheMathCo.'s Management Development program back in May, she messaged me on LinkedIn and set up our initial interview. 

What is something you learned during your time at Weatherhead that you’ve been able to use in your current role?

Weatherhead ignited my passion for data analytics through courses like Professor Solow's Statistics & Decision Modeling course and electives through my Business Analytics concentration, such as Professor Niraj's course. 

Weatherhead prepared me for my new position as a senior associate, through coursework that bridges the technical elements of analytical modeling with the business-oriented art of interpretation and application. 

The Managerial Consultancy course taught by KeyBank's chief strategy officer, Clark Khayat, directly prepared me for my client-facing role. 

And a course that particularly prepared me for my new position, my favorite course at Weatherhead, was Professor King's Analytics & Control course. From our high-level discussions about case studies to our rigorously-critiqued group presentations, Professor King's course gave me invaluable skills for my new position.

What advice would you offer to any current MBA students at Weatherhead?

Take your “Vision Paper” in Professor Van Oosten’s LEAD course seriously, or if you’re in a non-MBA Master’s program that doesn’t include such a course, take the time to put your career vision down in writing. Many graduate business students, even those who aren’t pivoting, are at a critical juncture in their careers, and preparations for your next chapter can be overwhelming. Defining your career vision isn’t just good for your personal growth, but logistically helps you articulate your passions and talents in interviews and cover letters.

What do you love most about Weatherhead?

I deeply appreciate Weatherhead’s tightly knit community. Intimate cohort sizes mean that students are so much more likely to get acquainted with their professors and peers than students in larger programs.

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