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Student spotlight: Connor Reider, president of the GBSA

Posted 7.29.2022

Student spotlight: Connor Reider, president of the GBSA
Connor Reider had no connections to Case Western Reserve University when he decided to move from New York City—where he was a successful real estate brokerto Cleveland to receive his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. 

Now, only a year after starting his studies at Weatherhead School of Management, he is on a first-name basis with every professor and staff member he’s come in contact with.

“I love the intimacy,” Reider said. “The faculty and staff are so engaged and willing to know the students regardless of where they are in their life path. They're here to help and I recognized that very early on.”

Reider decided to pursue an MBA to get a better business foundation as he is looking to pivot from sales to the development-side of real estate. He graduated with his Bachelor of Science degree in pre-professional studies and psychology from the University of Notre Dame, before moving to New York City. 

Reider’s name, and voice, are recognizable to those in the university community and beyond because during the last academic year he was co-host of Weatherhead's What Really Matters podcast.

In the fall semester of 2021, Reider was approached to help run the podcast by co-host, Stephen Scheidt, who is also the director of admissions and a senior recruiter for Weatherhead’s graduate programs. Reider, who was already familiar with working on a podcast, graciously accepted the opportunity. 

The podcast explores hot topics and how these issues impact business and society. Guests on the podcast include professors, alumni and experts across industries, which Reider helps to source.

In this upcoming academic year, Reider is looking to “hand over the batton to another first-year student,” he said. “It’s not only a great employment opportunity but it's a great networking opportunity for whomever the host may be.”

Reider’s gregarious personality and drive to continuously improve Weatherhead's programs and professional offerings will be focused on a new opportunity this year—as he has accepted the position as president of the Graduate Business Student Association (GBSA), alongside executive vice president and MBA student Anshul Gupta.

The pair is excited to have won the vote and their work for the upcoming year has already commenced, as they’ve begun planning events and opportunities to begin in the fall semester.

One of Reider’s biggest goals as president is looking to increase networking opportunities with and among all of the graduate business student programs. “In doing so, we’ll increase professional opportunities for all of our cohort members both nationally and internationally,” said Reider. 

Starting his duties as president of the GBSA isn’t the only work Reider has been focused on this summer. He’s taken on the role as a development intern at Brookfield Properties Development in downtown Cleveland’s Key Tower. 

The internship came about through Deborah Bibb, executive director of enrollment, career development and student experience, who connected Reider with Stephanie Dorsey (MGT ’06). 

Dorsey formerly worked for Forest City Realty Trust, which was acquired by Brookfield. Dorsey met with Reider over a Zoom call and immediately thought he would be a good fit at Brookfield, so she connected him with her contacts at the company. 

Reider’s work with Brookfield began in March 2022, as an investment analyst intern, where he was viewing different pro forma statements for various projects within the suburban rental pipeline across the country. When that internship ended in May, he started working as a development intern for the summer.

“Both internships were created for me,” Reider said. “The company didn’t have any previously established development internship program for which I could simply apply or interview.”

As a development intern, Reider has been busy with various projects, such as creating static pro forma models for future pipeline opportunities, doing comparative market analysis on amenities packages and operating expenses on comparable communities across the country. 

Reider said he is looking for further insight into all of the facets and intricacies of multi-family real estate development through this experience.

“As a broker I was solely on the sales and rental side of those projects,” he said. “So I wanted to be more on the creative side of that from being involved with the development of the residential project from conception to completion.”
His favorite part of the internships with Brookfield has been the company culture and working in Key Tower, the tallest building in Ohio.

“There’s so much room for growth and there’s so much excitement on the team that it’s palpable in every conversation the team has,” he said. “What’s so wonderful is the nature of bringing everybody up and not just within my team. It’s the culture and the comradery of everyone.”

Upon graduation in May of 2023, Reider is looking to do similar work.

“I’d love a full-time position doing what I’m doing now, but at a higher managerial capacity,” he said. “I’d love for that to allow me to travel as well.”

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