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Student Q&A with Regina Sosa Valdovinos

Posted 7.7.2022

Student Q&A with Regina Sosa Valdovinos

Regina Sosa Valdovinos
Majors: Business Management and International Studies
Minor: French

Q: What are you up to this summer?

I’m working an internship at Meta in the Austin, Texas office.

Q: What do you do in this position?

I am on the fraud investigations team within global operations. My project is to create a new management process for how fraud investigators find, mitigate, and collaborate on fraud incidents. 

Q: How did you find out about this opportunity?

Last year I did an externship with Facebook, which was sourced through the career center at Case Western Reserve University. The manager for my externship reached out with the opportunity to work directly for Meta this summer. I applied and got an interview!

Q: What has been your favorite part of the internship so far?

It’s all been amazing so far. My project gives me a lot of freedom to shape the new management process how I see best fit. I think it’s a great opportunity to give the team a new perspective on how to mitigate fraud within Meta’s products. Even though I have the liberty to shape my project how I would like, my manager and the rest of my team are very supportive and are always available to provide feedback and to bounce ideas off of. 

Q: What're you looking to get out of this experience?

My goal coming into this role was to explore the tech industry. It’s been insightful to learn about the products I use daily as a consumer, from the inside. Now, as I am halfway through my project, I hope to improve my creativity. New ideas and insights are valued at Meta. I would like to continue striving towards new and exciting ideas. 

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