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Student Spotlight: Ekta Khurana

Posted 3.1.2022

Student Spotlight: Ekta Khurana
Ekta Khurana
Full-Time Master of Business Administration in Design, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Q: Why did you choose this area of study for an advanced degree?

A: Weatherhead MBA courses have everything that one requires to equip themselves with academic, as well as industrial knowledge. The in-depth case study discussions with peers make the whole experience extremely enriching. Also, my concentration in design, innovation and entrepreneurship along with marketing lets me dive deep into my area of interest and explore the industry with much more clarity and focused approach gathered during my learning at Weatherhead.

Q: What are your next steps?

A: I am looking for full-time opportunities in the marketing and branding domain. Also, I am keeping a close pulse on the changing demographics in the fashion and luxury space to explore more in this area.

Q: What's your favorite memory of CWRU? 

A: The first day I arrived at the campus and I received such a warm welcome from my cohort. I am also going to add the magical corridors of PBL, where at one moment you are talking about classes and the next moment you bump into any of your colleagues; the excitement is amazing everyday. 

Q: What is your advice for a student starting a graduate or professional program at CWRU?

A: Immerse yourself in everything; be that classes, courses, clubs, and be actively engaged. Find your own voice and try to be a part of every discussion. Be a risk taker and make the most of your time at Weatherhead.

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