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2021 Undergraduate Student Awards

Posted 6.10.2021

The Weatherhead School of Management is pleased to recognize the following undergraduate students for their excellent work at Weatherhead:


The Weatherhead School of Management Award given to the most outstanding senior in accounting. This year's recipient is John Fissel.

The Andrew D. Braden Award for Excellence in Auditing and Financial Reporting Studies is given to a student whose achievement as an undergraduate in auditing and financial reporting subjects is recognized as demonstrating attributes consistent with professionalism and leadership. This year's recipient is Neil Mabee.

The Thomas Dickerson Award for Excellence in Professional Accountancy Studies is given to a student whose high academic achievement and leadership in the integrated studies program in accountancy is recognized as exemplary. This year’s recipient is Aletheia Uechi.

The Beta Alpha Psi Leadership Award recipient is Ashley Parham.

The Cashy Family Scholarship Award recipients are Zoe Bale, Jacob Berg, Samantha Dunbar, John Fissel, Jianing Jin, Joseph Kim, Sharon Kim, Seldon Magruder, Kevin Mallady, Adam Reynolds, Alexander Stasko, Sara Wieber and Dylan Zegers.

The Wallach-Lee Families Scholarship Award recipients are Abby Ramadan and Donae Smiles.

The CMA Scholarship recipients are Jacob Berg, Kanyon Combs, Jordan Gross and Toby Ramsdell.

The Academic Excellence Award in Accounting recipients are Jacob Berg, Anthony Biscardo, Samantha Dunbar, Antonio Ionadi, Natalie Walton, Sara Wieber and Yuan Yuan.


The Cheryl A. Casper Economics Prize is awarded to a senior for academic excellence in economics. This year’s recipient is Yash Kumar.

The H.W. Kniesner Prize is awarded to an outstanding senior in economics. This year's recipient is Kasey Vangelov.

The Marvin J. Barloon Award is given for outstanding performance in economics. This year's recipients are David Casente, James FitzGibbon, Marisa Katz, Austin McCully, Manav Midha, Meghan Parker, Rebecca Lila Schneirov and Anurithi Senthil.

The Robert N. Baird Award is given for academic excellence and leadership in extracurricular activities. This year's recipients are Elias Abboud, Andrew Ford and Kieran Gallagher.

The James Dysart Magee Award is awarded to an outstanding student in economics for the senior year. This year's recipient is Claire Jeffress.

The Howard T. McMyler Award is awarded to an outstanding junior majoring in economics. This year's recipient is Zidong Huang.

The Gardiner Scholarship is awarded to a junior majoring in economics who is interested in finance. This year's recipient is Jonathan Bonder.

The Economics Department Achievement Award recipients are Akincan Basar, Naomi Kane, Max Liu, Samantha Lin, Trey Razanauskas, Nicholas Rowe, Aakash Shah, Joseph Shulik and Mark Swiler.

The Economics Department Award for Service recipients are Beth Canel, James Jung, Girisha Kanuri, David Kim, Victoria Lai and Nathan Lesch.


The Weatherhead School of Management Award is given to a senior for outstanding achievement in the Weatherhead School of Management. This year's recipients are Travis Johnston, Sam Nalli and Yuan Yuan.

The Robert O. Berger, Jr. Award is given to a junior who demonstrates overall achievement in scholarship, as well as notable community participation and leadership. This year's recipients are Jonathan Ockunzzi and Nazar Tkachenko.

The Nellie Chittenden Carlton Prize is awarded to a senior in management whose outstanding work in the general field of economics shows the greater promise of leadership. This year's recipient is Anthony D’Orazio.

The Matthew Leskiewicz Award is given to a senior in the Weatherhead School of Management for outstanding leadership and service. This year's recipient is Antonio Ionadi.

The Roulston Performance Award recipient is Sam Chaffee for outstanding performance in management.

The Kevin J. Semelsberger Prize recipients are Kyler Barnard, Elisabeth Chillrud and Ziyi Zhang for excellence management.

The Wolstein Family Award for Excellence in Business Venture Plan Development is given to a student enrolled as a major or minor in Weatherhead undergraduate programs whose business venture development plan is considered to have the highest promise to be successfully initiated. This year's recipient is Donald Genetin Jr.

The Iris Wolstein Award for Excellence in Business Venture History is given to a student whose work on projects and/or coursework related to the study of Cleveland business venture history is determined to have made a significant contribution to the understanding of the business development in Northeast Ohio and related environs. This year's recipient is Neil Mabee.

The Financial Executive’s Institute Award recipients are Sasha Sindhwani and Darren Wang.

The Weatherhead School of Management Dean's Achievement Award is awarded for excellence in scholarship and leadership in accountancy/management. This year's recipients are Jean Furman, Tianzhe Lu, Andrew Ma,  Alec Sass, Xinfeng Wu and Victor Xie.

The Excellence in Business Management Award recipients are Richard Aguinaga, Sahil Arora, Wenyu Ling, Tingyi Liu and Sung-Min Kim.

The Outstanding Finance Student Award recipients are Anthony D’Orazio and Zineb Benkirane.

The Excellence in Finance Award recipients are Rongze Cheng, John Fissel and Anjali Patel.

The Outstanding Marketing Student Award recipients are Richard Aguinaga and David Dolansky.

The Excellence in Marketing Award recipients are Amanda McCann, Bradley Schneider and Kate Schultheis.

The Department of Organizational Behavior Award recipient is Samantha Dunbar. The runner-up for this award is Sarah Sekwat.

Congratulations to all recipients!

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