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Student Feature: Alisha Minter, MBA Class of 2022 Candidate

Posted 10.14.2020

Student Feature: Alisha Minter, MBA Class of 2022 Candidate

Meet Alisha Minter, MBA Candidate Class of 2022. Alisha decided to pursue her MBA to explore other business skills and is excited to emerge upon graduation as a new business leader during the post-COVID era.  

 Where did you attend undergrad? Why did you select Weatherhead as the school to pursue your MBA?

I attended the University of Montevallo (Montevallo, Alabama). The case study method of teaching, learning, and discussing concepts intrigued me. When I looked into the curriculum, the content and format seemed worth the personal, professional investment. I have a few friends who completed the Weatherhead MBA program; and they speak highly of their experiences during and afterwards.  Finally, University Circle is 5-10 minutes from me. I love that area and the campus.

What were you doing prior to coming to Weatherhead, and why did you feel it was necessary to go back for your MBA (i.e. gain skills, grow network, etc.)?

I was a Human Resource Business Partner; but I chose to return to school to deepen and expand my business skills and savvy in other business areas including finance, accounting, and analytics. Additionally, with the business world (and the world as a whole) changing, I thought this would be a perfect time to take a chance to experience the rigors of business school and emerge in the “new” (post-Covid) landscape with other leaders. Things are evolving with lasting change; and I am super excited!

So far this semester, although it’s been different than regular semesters, what has stood out to you as a student attending Weatherhead?

One of the things that I am so impressed by is the dedication of the Weatherhead team (admission and career teams, faculty, and alumni). The team is genuinely excited and hopeful for every student to have a rewarding experience. With current times noticeably unusual with a public health crisis, it has been an all-hands-on-deck experience.

My classmates are all very sharp and bright. Moreover, they are so approachable. Just a group of good people. That stood out a lot because often people assume that competitive eliminates cooperation, mutuality, and inclusion. But I have already met a lot of interesting people with an array of experiences that I am eager to learn from and alongside.

4.    Upon graduation, what are your career goals?

My career goals are to work in Strategy.

5.  Anything else you’d like to add about your time as a Weatherhead student so far, what you’re most excited about, etc.

I am excited to connect with more alumni in and outside of the Cleveland-area. Moreover, I am excited to push myself with the coursework.

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