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Couple Pursues Weatherhead Graduate Degrees Together Beginning This Fall

Posted 9.1.2020

Aidevomhe and AdeolaThe year 2020 has been challenging on so many levels. For some, pursuing higher education is a milestone that had to be put on hold due to travel restrictions, health scares, lack of funds or other complications that have stemmed from the global pandemic.

For Aidevomhe and Adeola Omokhudu, however, there has never been a better time to pursue their graduate degree -- especially together. Originally from Nigeria, the couple fell in love with Cleveland and were eager to be a part of the Case Western Reserve University community. They decided to enroll in two different graduate programs this fall to motivate each other throughout the journey. Aidevomhe is a part of the Masters of Science in Management–Healthcare cohort beginning this fall, and Adeola is in the full-time MBA program. 

Learn more about the couple with hopes to positively impact the world during challenging times through higher education.

What are your undergraduate degrees in and from where?

Aidevomhe: My undergraduate degree is from Windsor University in Medicine.

Adeola: My undergraduate degree is from Covenant University, Otta, Lagos, in Economics.

Why did you decide to come to Cleveland? What sticks out about the city to you? 

Aidevomhe: I am Nigerian and in 2012, I visited Cleveland to see my friend who was a clinical research assistant at Case Western Reserve University. I enjoyed my stay in Cleveland, but fell in love when I heard the Cleveland Orchestra perform. Also, Case Western Reserve’s affiliation with the Cleveland Clinic is propitious to understand the business of healthcare from the perspective of a world class hospital.

Adeola: I am also from Nigeria. I was attracted e to Cleveland because of the vast and amazing cuisine. True fact, no matter what you're craving, you can find it in Cleveland. Also, the low cost of living was appealing to me.

What made you want to pursue these specific degrees?

Aidevomhe: According to the World Health Organization, Nigeria’s healthcare system is inadequate. I have decided to face this challenge head on, but success relies on understanding the components of healthcare and the roles they play. I chose to pursue the MSM-Healthcare at Weatherhead to gain knowledge on developing and maintaining an efficient healthcare system.

Adeola: In my current role in advertising, I have the privilege of interacting with both foreign and local stakeholders in Nigeria. Having come this far, I realized that the next steps in my development are growing as a person and leader, attaining cross-functional knowledge and global perspective of business and developing skills required to reach beyond problem solving. The knowledge of this informed my decision to pursue an MBA at this time.

Did you both want to go back to school together? If so, why?

Aidevomhe: According to Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. My wife and I share this sentiment. Although my wife was not planning to return to school just yet, the opportunity to encourage and motivate each other towards achieving our goals at a prestigious school influenced her decision.

Adeola: My husband and I believe that “education is how you change the world”. Although I was unprepared to go to school this year, my husband was the voice of reason urging me to apply to school. Also, we thought it would be more effective to attend school together especially as we are establishing family traditions.

Why did you select Weatherhead’s programs specifically?

Aidevomhe: The mix of academia, faculty members and the proximity to the Cleveland Clinic made Weatherhead my top choice for a graduate degree. 

Adeola: I selected the Weatherhead full-time MBA for a number of reasons, from the small class sizes to the team learning approach, teaching style, unique courses like LEAD and Business Analytics and the cherry on top is the fact that I can focus on marketing.

Why do you think pursuing higher education is important now more than ever in these challenging times?

Aidevomhe: Having suffered from the failures of the current health system in Nigeria, I desire effective universal healthcare to alleviate needless suffering from morbidity or mortality, as is the case with the current pandemic (COVID-19). However, desire is not enough. Direction, not intention, determines results. 

Adeola: The coronavirus pandemic has created new opportunities. These new opportunities can be better explored by those who are prepared. Acquisition of a higher education degree is the best way to prepare.

What are you most excited about in obtaining this degree?

Aidevomhe: I am most excited about developing healthcare management skills and expanding my network.

Adeola: I am most excited about the networking opportunities, improving myself and becoming an alumna of Case Western Reserve University. 

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