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Clarke Executive Team Evaluates First-Year MBA Students Final Presentations

Posted 4.17.2020

On Wednesday April 15th the Weatherhead School of Management first-year MBA students presented their final presentations in their Business as an Agent of World Benefit MBA workshop to a panel of executives from Clarke. The final presentations were a culmination of a semester spent learning about the ways that business can provide benefit to society and the environment profitably; doing good and doing well. The final assignment involved creating a consulting pitch to be presented to Clarke, responding to their desire to be an even more flourishing company.

Students were given a set of guidelines, frameworks, and tools to help them put together their consulting pitch. They were expected to propose a scope of work, manage client expectations, design a project with a first-view of the resources required, and successfully develop a compelling presentation.

Students were asked to pitch their sustainability-driven consulting proposal in a way that meets defined client needs and has strategic business value relative to the Clarke-defined challenges.

  • What would it look like for Clarke to fully realize its vision of becoming a Flourishing Public Health Company?
  • How might Clarke influence other companies to embrace the concept of Business as an Agent of World Benefit? Could advising or consulting to other SMEs be turned into a new revenue stream?

Students were advised to ground their analysis in Clarke’s business model, products and services, processes, and technology. Look at what other companies have done where relevant. Include a description of the proposed project, an outline of its scope, a work plan, and (where possible) a budget. Be clear on how the project creates business value for Clarke. Be clear on what you are promising to deliver. Be creative, bold, and imaginative. 

Attendees from the Clarke executive team were:

J. Lyell Clarke – President/CEO

Kevin Magro – Executive Vice President, Strategic Partnerships & Alliances

Joel Fruendt – V.P./General Manager, Clarke Domestic

Dave McLaughlin – V.P., Marketing

Julie E. Reiter, Vice President, Human Resources & Sustainable Development

Thank you to Clarke for participating in our MBA student experience this semester and for your excellent questions and feedback of each group. 

The winning team will receive a First Place Award Certificate in Sustainable Value from the Weatherhead School of Management. 

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