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Read David Cooperrider and Michelle McQuaid's New Book

Posted 6.24.2019

David Cooperrider and Michelle McQuaid publish their new book titled: Your Change Blueprint: How To Design & Deliver An AI Summit

Praise for Your Change Blueprint:

"Change efforts usually start with an effort to identify what's going wrong and fix it. But sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to ask what's going right and expand it. That's what appreciative inquiry is about, and this guide shows you how to do it." ~Adam Grant, New York Times bestselling author of ORIGINALS, GIVE AND TAKE, and OPTION B with Sheryl Sandberg

"McQuaid and Cooperrider summarise some of the most current and well-supported practices in helping people flourish. They outline the core AI processes that can spur organisational change and personal growth."  - Richard Ryan, among the most cited and influential researchers in psychology and social sciences today and co-developer of Self-Determination Theory.

"This book is a substantive guide to inspire, enrich and enable change makers to design and execute an Appreciative Inquiry Summit. By using research, explanations, examples, and tips the book provides an indispensable directory for how to conduct an AI Summit." - Jane Dutton, co-founder of the Center for Positive Organizations and a major contributor to the science of Positive Organizational Scholarship.


"This excellent book on the use of the appreciative inquiry summit is the first to fully integrate complexity theory with social constructionism to produce a theory of action that is both well grounded in research and very practical. It will help leaders and organization development practitioners be more successful at creating great organizations." - Gervase Bushe, author of over 80 papers and three books on organizational change, leadership, teams and teamwork.

"Written with the page turning qualities of a good novel, McQuaid's stellar research expands our understanding of what it takes to deliver system-changing Appreciative Inquiry Summits. If you seek to create a better world, McQuaid and Cooperrider offer a path shaped by 30 years of Appreciative Inquiry practice and theories of human flourishing, positive psychology, complex adaptive systems, and more." -  Peggy Holman, author, Engaging Emergence: Turning Upheaval into Opportunity and co-author, The Change Handbook.


About the Authors

Michelle McQuaid is a workplace well-being teacher at University of Melbourne, and playful change activator who is passionate about translating cutting-edge research from positive psychology and neuroscience into practical strategies for health, happiness, and business success.

Dr. David Cooperrider is the co-originator and pioneering thought leader of Appreciative Inquiry. His ground-breaking work has led countless businesses, organizations and even religious leaders to understand how to consider a whole system and all its parts in order to develop strengths-based, solution-focused management philosophies that work.

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