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The Second Annual Foro Latinoamericano de AIM2Flourish

Posted 6.17.2019

The second annual Foro Latinoamericano de AIM2Flourish was held this year in Monterrey, Mexico on June 13th at EGADE Business School - Tecnológico de Monterrey and co-hosted by EGADE and Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM). The event brought together students, professors, and business leaders from Latin America with a shared passion for human and planetary flourishing and responsible management education. The celebration highlighted our three 2019 Latin American Flourish Prize Honorees:

Global Goal #2 - Zero Hunger: Alcagüete (Colombia)

"The Gain of Sharing," written by Anggy Marcela Girón Peñuela, Constanza Choconta, and Natalya Mendez Virguez from Universidad Externado de Colombia under the direction of Professor Gustavo A Yepes López

Global Goal #4 - Quality Education: Directv Peru S.R.L. (Peru)

"Improving the Education in Peru," written by Eduardo Galdo, Diego Pizarro Aquino, and Luzamerica Calderon from EGADE Business School Tecnologico de Monterrey under the direction of Consuelo Garcia-de-la-torre.

Global Goal #15 - Life on Land: EcoDom (Mexico)

"Hogares Responsables - Responsible Homes," written by Sandra Vázquez from Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla in Mexico under the direction of Professor Crishelen Kurezyn Díaz.

The student authors, Eduardo, Diego, and Luzamerica from Peru and Carlos Gonzalez, the business owner of EcoDom, were able to join the event in person, as well as Professors Consuelo Garcia-de-la-Torre and Crishelen Kurezyn Diaz. Professor Gustavo Yepes Lopez spoke at the conference via Zoom to tell about his experience using AIM2Flourish and the positive effects the program has had on his students. Additionally, Daniel Valles, the 2018 Flourish Prize honoree for Global Goal #14 from Amor-a-Mar in Monterrey, Mexico spoke at the Foro, bringing tears to the audiences’ eyes as he spoke of his passion for bettering the lives of fishermen.

Getting a chance to hear from our 2019 Latin American Flourish Prize winning students and business leaders was reminiscent of our Fourth Global Forum for Business as an Agent of World Benefit in 2017. Synchronistically, on the same day across the world in Nepal, Kathford College was celebrating their students who had participated in the AIM2Flourish assignment with an award ceremony as well.

These stories of celebration from around the world lift our hearts and push us forward on our mission of achieving the Global Goals through the power of business

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