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How Weatherhead Prepared Alumna Mandana Karimi for Google

Posted 12.19.2018

How Weatherhead Prepared Alumna Mandana Karimi for Google

“Because of Weatherhead, I landed a job that I love at a company that I have always admired.”

When selecting a school to pursue her master’s degree as an international student, Mandana Karimi, like most students, was particular. However one requirement outweighed the rest: location.

“I wanted to make sure that the school I was studying at wasn’t located in a small city, far away from other big cities and companies,” Mandana said.

This is what led Mandana to ultimately choose Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. 

Now an Analytical Lead at Google, Mandana describes Cleveland as a hidden gem to live, study and work in since it’s home to many big organizations with a large business landscape.

Mandana remembers specific professors who greatly impacted her time at Weatherhead. From a student in Michael Goldberg’s entrepreneurial classes to working as Jagdip Singh’s research assistant, she says she still uses what she learned from these courses and professors every day.

“Weatherhead faculty is very diverse,” she said. “They come from industry, so the expectations they set in the class are high.”

It’s those high expectations that Mandana says prepared her for real-life business situations.

“My professors worked with me to improve my skills, set me up for success and make me ready for the real world,” Mandana said. “Because of the skills I learned in the classroom at Weatherhead, I’ve confidently presented to large groups of people in past roles and even here in the six months I’ve been at Google.”

Coming from an engineering background, Mandana says the first thing she wanted to tackle was landing an internship. Through the close guidance of the Career Management Office (CMO), Mandana accepted an opportunity with Rockwell Automation in 2014 which was extended throughout her time as a student at Weatherhead and beyond graduation.

“I think it’s important for students to find that person at a career management office and make sure they have regular contact with them,” Mandana said. “Ask for feedback, keep them in the loop with what you’re doing and with what your career goals are.”

After her final extension as a business marketing analyst at Rockwell Automation, she was a marketing analyst at medical device company LABORIE, then a finance analyst at The Home Depot Canada and now is an analytical lead at Google.

For Mandana, her passion has always been data. Through a selective process, she chose Weatherhead to continue her education, expand on her passion, learn the skills and gain the confidence she needed to become an integral contributor to her organization.

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